How to find your lost mobile phone without any app

There are so many people are asking same question like if they lost their Smartphone how they can find it. Even if they did not installed any kind of tracking app or service.

So here is the trick:

I bet you missed Android Device Manager Service of Google, yes?

Oh if you know its pretty good and if you don’t know about it, Have a glance 🙂

The service “Android Device Manager” introduced by Google in 2013. With this service you can find online your Android phone and delete personal data absolutely free.

Isn’t interesting?

Let’s see how?

First of all to use this service of Google you need to connect your android phone to your Gmail ID.

Oh common yogesh its quiet common isn’t it?

Even Android Device Manger is already exist Google is making it more simple. Find My Phone is as simple as any query. Yes, if you have done. Few days ago Google introduced it with name “Find My Phone”. After all its Google right.

We are doing many interesting and different things all day in Google. Here Google can search your phone live on the internet. And believe me it’s very easy.

Step first login to your Gmail account and Type in Google “Find My Phone” (of course without quote 😉 )  to display a map that reveals the phone’s current resting place. If device is nearby you you can also get an option ring you cell and your phone will automatically ring.

How to find your lost mobile phone without any app

NOTE: if you are not login you may find different result like you will get this link

and If you are logged in simply it will find your phone location. Along with that you will find many interesting things on that particular window like when your mobile was last located, where and how much far from you.

The awesome thing is you can remotely lock and wipe your all data at once.

How to find your lost mobile phone without any app

Just click on Enable Lock & Erase Data after clicking you will get following message

“Request sent to enable lock and wipe admin features.”


So That’s all friends thanks for reading please share it with your friends if you like it


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    Abhijeet November 2, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    I have not enabled anything on my phone and I have lost it. I want to erase all data on it. On clicking on Enable Lock & Erase Data I get following message: “Request sent to enable lock and wipe admin features.”

    What happens now? Data/Wifi are both off on my phone. SIM card is probably discarded.

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