How to Increase Traffic for your Business

Businesses can increase foot and online traffic through concerted efforts. The strategies to improve both are much the same. However, the application is different. More often than not, they work to complement each other. Here are a few ways to increase your online traffic.

Invest in search engine optimization

On-page and off-page SEO can improve the outlook of your website on search engines. Besides, it is counterproductive to invest in elaborate keyword targeting without backing it up with quality content. Local search engine optimization can help drive both foot and online traffic.


All your digital assets should have all the basics. Ensure that every profile has enough information. Include your contact information, location, and working hours. Optimize the site’s loading speed. Ensure that your social media networks have someone waiting to reply to customers.


Look professional by addressing all branding gaps that may exist. Before making any attempts to spruce up traffic, get your internal functions up and running. The much needed change can spike traffic on your business. What will you do with the incoming traffic? Will you be overwhelmed?

Optimize for mobile use

People are using their smartphones to go online. If they want something, they use their smartphones to get it. What works well for PC may not work on mobile. This is what you need to do regarding the smartphone wave.


  • Invest in a simple user interface
  • Optimize your website for mobile
  • Make it easy to share or interact with you
  • Ensure your web applications are in order


Invest in customer relations management

Every customer wants a personalized experience. They want a smile before service and a thank you after service. It might seem too much to do, but it always brings back the customer. The customer should feel free to initiate a conversation with you.


They should have all the channels they need to contact you, ask questions, express satisfaction or lack thereof, place an order, or anything else they might want to do. Give them an opportunity to go through you first.


You can use organic search or paid advertising. They all work, but the success rate differs. Organic search can bring in massive benefits when done right. However, it takes time to build. Paid ads can also work if you do your homework well. They can work in the short-term. Targeting determines the success rate of your paid advertising efforts.


Facebook advertising has been a dependable rock in the recent past. However, with its new privacy policy taking effect in October, things might be different. Google has been there long enough to prove its worth.

Establish yourself as an industry leader/authority

There are many ways to do that. One of them is through guest blogging as an expert. You can encourage your company executives to contribute to industry forums. Another way is through published research. You don’t have to start big on this one. Pick one item at a time.


Regular research-based posts can establish your organization as a valuable player in the industry. Other people will be tempted to quote your research, which can increase your search engine rankings. You can also host events, training, and seminars.


Your efforts will drive traffic if you can do them competently. Don’t do SEO, advertising, customer relation, research or mobile optimization for the sake of it.

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