How to Install a Glass Protector for an Iphone?

Everybody has had their phones scratched and broken at some point in their lives. No matter whether there was a screen protector or not, it has got scratched. They must not have noticed that the protector is made of plastic. Plastic protectors would soon be a distant memory for all! Glass screen protector is the new cool. It is rapidly replacing the plastic ones. There are plenty of reasons for that: first and foremost, it offers greater protection, it is smoother, no scratches and finally no screen bubbles. Iphone screen protectors are easily available in the nearest markets.

Steps involved in installing a glass protector for an iphone

People run to the local store or showroom when their phones meet with even the slightest problems, and when it is an iphone that they own, things are worse. It is better to consult an expert in order to save the phone from extra trouble. However, there are things that people can do by themselves such as installing a glass protector!

  • Step1: Prepare

The primary motive is to do it right in the very first trial. No matter how much of a frivolous person one is, this time seriousness fills the air. Open the whole package up and place the items on a clean surface. An alcohol wipe and microfiber cloth is required too. Make sure the iphone is switched off.

  • Step2: Clean the screen

The iphone’s screen might be full of dust, and oil. So, clean the screen with an alcohol wipe. Use the microfiber to give it a finished polish look.

  • Step3: Remove the protective layer

There is a plastic film on one side that is intended to cover the adhesive layer of the glass screen protector. It has to be removed first to ensure there are no fingerprints present on the screen. You must hold the phone only by its edges, and then stick the glass protector onto the screen of the phone.

  • Step4: Alignment

Align the glass protector with the display side of the screen. The protector must line evenly with the front speakers, cameras, home button and run parallel with the screen.

  • Step5: Soft press

Soon after the alignment process, lay the glass down on the screen. In case the glass is not aligned correctly, lift the glass and try realigning it again. Now a soft press at the middle of the glass would help it to stick to the phone’s screen easily.

  • Step6: Smoothen the bubbles

Screen bubbles annoy people the most! So, in case of some pop-up, smoothen them with the cloth provided by sliding them towards the edges.

If the steps mentioned above are followed carefully without fail, the glass protector can be attached to the screen of a phone in general, and iphone in particular. Iphones are quite expensive when compared to phones of other brands, and hence, people fear when something happens to it, even if it is a minor scratch. But changing the screen protectors does not cost too much. Glass protectors are more expensive than plastic ones, but they are worth the cost. Iphone screen protectors offer excellent protection to iphones, so do not give a second thought about buying them.

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