How To Make Folder Invisible Easily !!!!

How To Make Folder Invisible Easily

We have Come across many folder lock systems or security or private foldering of our folders to avoid unauthorized access of data stored in hard disk.and few are still now working on it.Now I am going to share a strategy to hide or Invisible a folder…Surely I’am gonna amaze you shortly.

There are several methods to hide a folder i.e security lock, properties lock or any software which does that.I am dealing here with easiest trick which is hilarious!!!!

So, Lets start with create a folder named “new folder“(any name can be given)

just copy the files which you want to hide or make secure inside the new folder.

once you get copy all the files inside the folder which created, Just right click on it and select Rename Option.

Rename option will ask you to enter the name of the folder.

Just Hold on the ALT key and type 0160 without releasing ALT Button. In simple words ALT+0160

once the same entered just right click on the folder and go to properties and click on customize and find the option called change icon select the empty box on 13th column as below. Press apply and OK.

How to make a really hidden folder (4)

How To Make Folder Invisible Easily

Its Done…Just check where the folder is!!!!!.

Yes …Folder Exists on same page . but Invisible to viewers.Just select the folder by selecting the same folder on same location,you can view the folder and its contents easily.

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    Jennifer Smith September 26, 2015 at 9:07 am

    Thanks Donald. Folder lock softwares are not available for free download but now I can hide my folders without buying them

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