How To Start A Blog

Are you thinking about creating your own blog?

I appreciate you think but don’t only think the man just do it. And the best thing Is you can create it at free of cost also, yes!

OK, so we will start All the step one by one, But before creating a blog you should think some points to make a blog. When I started making a blog I knew nothing about blogs of blogging. I kept searching Google for it like you, now I am managing many blogs.

Now I can say after a research that Creating a blog is extremely easy, even you don’t need to learn codes or programming languages for that. So it doesn’t matter you are aware of programming or not, just follow the steps Below.

If still confused about blogs so read here There are main 3 Steps you should know before starting your blog.


1. Decide Topic Of Your Interest In Making A Blog


First of all, you need to choose a topic or subject. Is there anything that you love to know and eager to show your passion for that particular topic or subject.

When I started my first blog I really very interested in COMPUTER NETWORKING, that’s why I choose that particular topic. If you are not passionate about your topic you cant write in it whether its very easy to write, rather than you are much interested in that topic.

If you are working for any company or your self for a long time, that’s very good because you are also expertise on that particular subject or topic so it’s better to choose that topic.

For example, You are working as a traveling manager.

You can write about traveling experiences, Roam places etc. OR you are working as a professor so you can choose subject that you are teaching. Or it can be your interesting topic like

Politics: you can write about politics on your blog.

Cars: you can write about cars and features

Food: you can also write about food and new recipes to make a different kind of foods.

Movies: you can also write about upcoming movies, review of movies etc.


2. Think Bbout Helping People Via Your Blog.

You are writing your blog for your readers and public that’s interested In your topic, so think about helping those people. You can train people via video or articles, inspirational stories, entertain your readers through jokes, comedy video, cartoons etc. You need to clear your object to serve people and target your audience. Make a clear topic for your readers.


3. Decide A Platform To Host Your Blog.

It should be Free or Self-hosted, I will suggest you to a self-hosted blog. You need to choose a platform to host your blog.

There are many Platform to host your Blog Like BlueHost, SiteGround, Hostgator etc I personally use BlueHost for my Blog Itinformers because it is the Best web hosting and Recommended by WordPress itself for WordPress blog.

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If we are talking about the free blog, so in my opinion 2 platforms I will refer you :

WordPress:  most bloggers are using WordPress for managing their blogs. I also refer you to create your blog in WordPress very easily. I personally love and using WordPress for blogging. Not only me approx 70 million people using WordPress for blogging.

The features of WordPress that’s why I preferring you:

  1. Simplicity: WordPress is very simple to manage themes, post and very simple to host it. You need some technical knowledge only for starting WordPress blog.
  2. Flexibility: its flexibility is awesome you can create any type of website you want, whether its personal blog, photo-blog, business website or any portfolio type of website. You have to choose themes only.
  3. User management: you can manage your users. Like if you don’t want to give admin privilege you need to make just an author.
  4. Easy SEO: there are lots of plugins, with these plugins we can optimize the blog for Google and all search engines.
  5. Media management: Image can say a thousand words, which is very important for a post. WordPress provide very flexible media management.

When you will start you find many of benefit of WordPress like this. But we have another option that we cannot skip is

Blogger is another best option for making a blog for writing. Its Google’s service since 2003 that provide your blog at free of cost.

I am also running one of my blog in blogger (Cybersecuritygeeks). Blogger is another most popular blogging application. The main reason to make the blog in blogger is its been around longer than others. And it’s also free. Bloggers have no limit of making blogs and space for your post and traffic. Many bloggers love blogger because it also integrates with Google ad-sense, that’s why you can earn money from your blog.

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    Swapnadip chakraborty August 10, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Hi yogesh,

    Nicely written. Blogging is one of the platform by using it you can easily help other people or you can interact with other bloggers. Your post seems to be an useful tutorials for those who want to come to this field.


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      yogesh vishwakarma August 10, 2014 at 3:03 pm

      Thanks Swapnadip, for your valuable comment.

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    yogesh vishwakarma August 10, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Thanks Swapnadip, for your valuable comment.

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