How to Stop Flash Messages on Reliance And Other Mobile

How to Stop Flash Messages on Reliance Mobile

Users of Reliance SIM are facing one of the poorest Telecom service in India. There are a lot of people who are facing the same flash messages frustration.

Flash messaging is something you will get popup messaging without subscription of anything. with that flash messages you will face Automatic Balance deduction and all.

How to Stop Flash Messages on Reliance Mobile

Although Reliance users are experiencing Automatic Balance Deduction, poor internet speed (As reliance dont have 3g on max cities) also less network coverage.

Flash messages will popup on your screen without any input. they actually look like a response of USSD code but not. its also called sometimes as push messages. Reliance serve the service called RLive and almost everything is chargeable there, that to in a single click.

people ask in forum, why Reliance is charging daily from the main balance and all so this will be the reason.

Here is the Step to Stop flash/push messages from Reliance in Android smartphone.

Go to apps.
Go to SIM Toolkit.
Go to RLive
Click on Activation.
Click on deactivate and wait for some time.

A flash message will popup like before telling RLive deactivated, Enjoy!!!!
Same windows Smartphones users are getting flash messages.
here is the
Go to settings.
Open Mobile+SIM.
Select the SIM (If Dual SIM Mobile).
There Click on SIM applications.
Click on RLive.
Click on activation and click Deactivate.
Wait a few seconds for the confirmation message and you are done.
Steps to stop flash messages from Reliance in Windows phone Smartphones
Steps to stop flash messages from Reliance in Classic phones.

users of normal classic phones will be more irritated with this service. sometime it will keep screen light on.

follow the steps to stop flash messages in classic phones.
Go to Menu.
Open RMenu.
Click of RLive and click on Activation.
Now click Deactivate and wait a few seconds for the confirmation messages.

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