How To Succeed In Freelance Writing

A freelancing career is a dream for many people. Although being a freelancer comes with its benefits, it takes time to build a reputation and to have a continuous flow of orders and projects to work on. Lost in the dream of becoming a freelancer, entices many people to get fired before they can reach a reliable income from professional writing.

Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to become self-employed, to create a work schedule that fits your needs and to work from different places and even travel while you work if you want to.

But this road is challenging, especially at the beginning when you do not know what to do and where to start from.

This article presents three methods that will help writers avoid the beginners’ mistakes and succeed in freelance writing.

How To Succeed In Freelance Writing.


1) WritersDepartment

Any freelancer needs a portfolio to show to possible customers. If you are at the beginning of your road and do not have writing samples to present to your clients, you can write for WritersDepartment , one of the most trustworthy online writing company.

One of the company’s goals is to connect professional writers and editors with customers from all over the world. The good thing is that they are always looking for talented and professional writers who want to start making a living off their writing skills.

Apply for one of their Freelance Writing Jobs and start building your portfolio with work that you actually did for your customers.

2) Personal Site

Having an online presence is crucial and many times this is the first place where a customer would go to check your history and skills.

Having your own website is a good marketing plan as you will be able to showcase your projects and make clients understand how you can help them.

Keep your site simple, with About page, contact info, testimonials, and clips. The information should be concize and clear and state what you can do and how you can help the client.

Try to post writing examples from various fields, not just the ones you like.

3) Job Boards

Until you build a reputation and have you trusted and recurrent clients, you should try sites such as Freelancing or Upwork which have thousands of projects from people looking for writing jobs from home.

Also, many of them are for beginners, so experience does to really count in this case.

Simply create an account, add some relevant writing samples and some information about yourself and start applying for jobs that you think you can complete. Be patient and optimistic.

It will take some time to land your first job, that is why you should apply to as many jobs as you can, not just one and wait for a reply that might not come.

Writing jobs online is an ideal for students who want to start somewhere and cannot find a job for which they have studied so hard, for people who want to get away from the 9 to 6 work program, stressful jobs and bosses, for mothers who also want to do what they like while they raise their children or for people who love to travel but still want to have an income.

Freelance writing is not about having the right connections, the right degree or the right experience. It’s about being passionate, knowing what you want and having the love to write.

If you are determined to become a freelance writer, be prepared to be rejected by clients and sometimes lose projects, but do not be prepared to give up.

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    Paul September 21, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Inspite of being a full-time golf player, I just discovered my writing hobby, so I’m thinking of becoming a freelance writer. I know there are much to learn before getting my hands on it. Great tips! I will carefully consider them. I like the best the personal site. It makes lots of sense to me. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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