How to use bitcoin tumbler (mixer) – Complete Tutorial 2019

Most of the people use the bitcoin mixers so that they can safely conduct their bitcoin transactions by keeping their identities anonymous. When you are thinking to use the same procedure, you should adopt a way that makes the things simple for you to get your transaction done. This is the main purpose for people to use a bitcoin mixer. When you are using a bitcoin tumbler, you actually are confusing the trail that is linked to the bitcoins you use. This is how your money, as well as your transaction, is kept secure and also no one could have access to the personal information which you’ve used in your transaction. Most of the times it happens that the hackers already know the taints which you could have used in your transaction for the purpose of keeping your transactions anonymous and while you are involved in a transaction, all you’d be wanting is to avoid the issues at your maximum efforts but you can’t always be so much careful regarding the procedures and the stuff. So in such situations, the good thing would be to keep your focus to smartly handle the things and this is why you have the option to use a bitcoin mixer which would make this focus easy and focused for you. When you are using a bitcoin mixer, the process of mixing the bitcoins is so smooth and simple that you wouldn’t stop yourself from using it.

Working of a bitcoin mixer

Following are some simple steps which you can use for mixing your bitcoins by for the purpose of remaining anonymous in your transactions:

  • First of all, you need to input the withdrawal address whatever it is on the main page that pops up on your screen.
  • The second thing for you to do after input of the address is to set a custom time for the delays so that the system would get to know that when you want the bitcoins to get forwarded on your fresh address.
  • The next thing to do is to press the button with an indication next.
  • When you have pressed the next indication, you will be redirected to a second screen where there’d be an address written for you where you are supposed to send the coins of yours.
  • This is all which is required by you at the basic level. After it, the transactions would be directly conducted by the system itself and the coins when mixed according to the delay time that you already have selected.

This process is as simple as it seems like an all which is done is the mixing up of your coins with the process that is conducted in a mixer. The mixer in the initial level of the process takes the bitcoins and sends you some other bitcoins from any other random address which have got no links with the personal accounts or the previous address which you have used for sending the bitcoins to the system. Once the bitcoins which you have submitted to the system, after it you need to set the delay timings on the random difference and when that timing is met, the coins from a different address to the one you have used before are sent to you.

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