How you can effectively get rid of the mould from the mattress?

Are you aware of the fact that moulds are very treacherous and tend to multiply more quickly than you can imagine?

Generally speaking, mould spores always there in the air and have the tendency to grow on a warm and moist surface.

By the time you will ever notice the presence of the mould on your sleeping bed mattress (either a pink or black stain); it would have already become a very deep-rooted problem.

Broadly speaking, the infestation of mould mainly happens when the quality of the air inside your room or home isn’t good. This usually happens during the warm and tropical climate like in Bangalore. Mould can become a big concern in the case of mattress in Bangalore, provided you tend to sweat a lot.

Another important thing that we all tend to overlook is the surface of the sleeping mattress as it remains covered under the bed sheet, right?

It is only the time when you launder the sheet you get to see the surface of the mattress.Therefore, a mould issue may lie unobserved for quite a few days or weeks before it is first observed.


Let’s have a quick glimpse at some of the easy to do steps that can help you in getting rid of the mould from your sleeping bed mattress:

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to vacuum clean both top and bottom of your sleeping mattress (make sure you do it quite often). Immediately after that, properly clean your vacuum cleaner’s dust holder pains takingly so as to avoid the dispersion of the mould spores in the air. As we mentioned before, mould spores remain the air and thrive in areas that are warm and damp.
  • Another way to get rid of the mould spores is to mix equal volumes of chafing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with the lukewarm water in a one-time use bowl. After that, put a clean cloth into the mixture, squeeze it out, and use this damp cloth to brush the festering part of the sleeping mattress in Bangalore. Use a rounded way when brushing, and go well further than the part of the noticeable mould.
  • Wash this part with a cloth squeezed out in lukewarm water. Be cautious that you don’t damp the cloth too much as it will do nothing good but add more moisture to the mattress and will give breeding grounds to the moulds.
  • Uniformly spray on a decontaminator appropriate for fabricuse. Make sure you spray it properly over the surface of the bed mattress.
  • Make sure you put your sleeping mattress in Bangalore outdoor in the open-air and under the direct sunlight. This will dry off your sleeping bed mattress while hindering the growth of the mould spores during the process of drying out. Most significantly, sunlight inhibits the growth of the mould and kills them. Besides, repeat this process quite frequently so that mould spores won’t come back again.
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