Importance of keeping up with changing times!

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, we are amazed by the rapid advance of digital technologies over the last two decades. From expanding our capacity to store data exponentially to achieving greater internet penetration, the achievements in the field of digital technology are amazing:

  • Gone are the days of optical disks which were capable of storing a few gigabytes of data and we have almost forgotten about the floppy disk drives, as now we use cloud technology to store millions of gigabytes of data!
  • In 2005 only 16% of the world population used the internet and now over 50% use it!
  • Approximate number of internet users in India on 31st December 2000 was around 5 million while as of June 2019, there are more than 560 million internet users in India!
  • The annual data acquisition rate is around 20ZB today!
  • More than 3.5 billion people are connected via social media today.
  • Amazon owns no product, Netflix owns no content and Zomato owns no restaurant, and yet they are the leaders in their respective fields!

Such developments have undoubtedly created massive disruptions across the globe and the impact is especially noticeable in the world economy. Most of the developed nations have already embraced the digital economy and even developing nations like Malaysia and India are focused on creating brilliant digital industries.

India for instance have developed a road map to embrace digital solutions and digitalize its sectors at a rapid pace.  India is already home to a flourishing e-commerce industry and the digital economy of India too is performing efficiently. It is undeniable that such a shift in India will most definitely have an effect on the employment scenario of India, especially when most of the Indian engineers do not possess next gen skills like AI, Big data and data science (according to a survey by Aspiring Minds in 2019). However, digital transformation does not necessarily mean that people won’t get jobs anymore, on the contrary it should give rise to some of the best employment opportunities. For instance, digital transformation will create new age jobs like data architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Big data expert and data scientist. Interestingly data science has also been termed as the ‘sexiest’ and a data scientist earns more than Rs 10 lakhs annually in India! Obviously you need to acquire certain skills and become proficient in key tools in order to get recruited to such positions.

How can you acquire such skills in India?

Acquiring industry relevant skills is no longer difficult in India and you can credit digitalization again for that. Data science courses in Bangalore are arguably the best in India. Get enrolled and start developing your skills from any-where and at any-time. A good data science course or data analytics course will not only make you industry ready but also let you learn from industry experts and get 24*7 support.

Keeping up with the demands of the rapidly changing industries today is absolutely necessary for success and don’t let yourself fall behind!

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