IOS 11 to come with iPhone 8?

We will without doubt see things we haven’t seen in any of the iPhones with the advent of the iPhone 8. One such thing is the iOS 11. We have seen Apple roll out new versions of iOS with their new devices, and given that the iPhone 8 will mark the 10th Anniversary for Apple, we sure are in for something grand and something never seen before.

iPhone 8

Rumours about the Apple iPhone 8 to do excellently and to bring in store for us users things that haven’t been before seen is what iPhone 8 aims at doing. The rumours about the device include the likes of an Iris scanner, flexible OLED display, wireless charging, and a lot more things.It seems like
Apple is working day and night to make its iPhone 8 device superior than its contemporaries like Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

To start off with, the Iris scanner has been one of the much awaited features and will only enhance the overall look and feel of the device. The flexible OLED display is aimed at doing multiple tasks, ranging from increased durability, better display, and battery conservation. The wireless charging will be rather seen in a better and a rather elite way, which is, the phone will float while charging with the help of magnetic levitation. In addition to that, the phone is also rumours to sport virtual buttons on a curved screen, which will not have the top and bottom bezels.

From all the features that we hear off, the iPhone 8 will indeed be revolutionary. The iOS 11 will as well bring in a better overall functioning of the device with in-built updates and enhancements.

As of now, it is the iPhone 7 which is a rather center of attraction, given it is going to be out in September 2016 itself and with the launch of the iPhone 7, we will be rather able to have a better idea as to what else will the iPhone 8 see in terms of major changes.

The iPhone might as well support 5G network, which is going to be a new thing for the Smartphones to be released in the future. The iPhone 8 is likely to be priced at 65,000 INR and is due for release in September next year. The iPhone 7 on the other hand is to be supposedly priced at 60,000 INR and due for release on the 9th of September, 2016.

With so much in store, the iPhone’s to come will bring in a lot that the users will wow over!

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