iOS 9 Features

ios 9: a fresh version of iOS


With the introduction of Apple’s new products like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus,Apple has now confirmed its next version of its operating system called iOS 9.

iOS 9 will be made available to all the versions of iPhone’s. iOS 9 is full of enhancement,that you will appreciate daily. iOS 9 is built on the content  of iOS 7 & iOS8 bringing some changes in stuble design,improved functionality,better battery life,refined features and performance enhancements.

iOS9 focuses on intelligence and proactivity,allowing iPhone devices to open up apps before we need them,learn user habbits and act on that information,making recommendations on places we might like,and guiding us through our daily lives to make sure that we are right on time on the places we wish to be.

APPS That Will Help You Daily

iOS 9 has key enhancements to the powerful built-in apps on your iPad and iPhone designed for the essential things you use them for every day like web browsing,making notes,mail,messages,maps and so on..

Things You Can Do On iOS9

1)Attach any kind of file to email

In the bad old days, the Mail app only let you attach images to outgoing messages. But,with the launch of  iOS9 any kind of file is allowed to attach.Here you will be first be taken to iCloud Drive when you have to long press on an email and choose, ADD ATTACHMENT but the likes of GOOGLE DRIVE and DROPBOX are supported too.

2)Add events from your emails

As a part of Apple’s initiative towards new ideas,more proactive Siri, smarter way to interact and iOS strategy involves to spot the events from your email messages and automatically add them to your calendar. Prompts should appear in both the Mail and Calendar apps when important events are spotted.


3)Take Better Notes

Notes is one another stock app with a lot of new stuff to show off with iOS 9. The revamped app lets you add photos,web links,checklist and drawings to your notes now. An additional feature here is that everything can be synced via iCloud. Hence,now there  are many more formatting options to play around with.

4)Low Power Mode

When iphone battery is around 20%,your operating system(iOS)will ask your permission to enable “low power mode”when enabled,it will disable background app refresh,mail fetch,automatic downloads,and few other things that might help you to save the battery for some extra time.

5)Screenshot And Selfie Folders

In recent times most of the people use the front facing camera much likely for selfies,instead why not make them easier to find out without shifting throughall other pics??

In iOS9,both screenshots and selfie’scan get there own categories,allowing us to find them more easily then ever before.

6)Zoom-in on your videos

With the introduction of iOS9 you can now zoom-in on your videos.Pinch and zoom on your video clips as well as your photo. There are also many different way of choosing video and slo-mo recording modes, as long as your device supports them.

7)Hide photos

While we are on the topic of  photos, iOS 9 helps us to hide more sensitive pics from view as well. On the Share menu you will find a new Hide option, though images are still visible [which can be unhidden]through the Album’s view inside the app.

8)Add a Widget-Find my Friends

Find My Friends isn’t a new app but it is now a stock app that will appear on your iOS device whether you like it or not. It also has a Notification Center widget with iOS 9, so you can see where all your friends are right from the Today page.

9)Detailed Battery Usage

Sometimes,the apps which consume your battery the most are the ones that you actually  see the least.iOS has now been able to tell you how much battery does each app is consuming,but now iOS9 provides an extra bit of information like-the amount of time we were actually using it,compared to how much time it has been wasting in the background.

10)Convert Website Into PDF in Safari

Do you wish to save a website to a PDF for some reason?

With the introduction of iOS9,you can now convert website into a PDF in SafariIts been unclear,but there is a option button for this feature in iOS9’s build of safari.Bring up the scroll in the middle section,a bit until you see “Save PDF to iBooks”tap that amd wait for a while,you can then share this PDF via Emailvia the iBooks app.


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