IP PBX Phone Systems Are the Undeniable Wave of the Future

These days, smartphones have become quite the rage all over the world. No matter where you go you will see people using smartphones to perform a variety of functions such as talking, surfing the internet for some purpose or the other, texting, doing some work, tweeting or some other form of social media activity, or just playing games. In our day-to-day lives it is really hard to think of life without our smartphones. A lot of us are prepared to wait for hours on the end waiting for the latest yearly upgradation to be launched. All we want to do is show our friends and others that matter how trendy and in tune with our times we are. Tragic as it may sound, it is true.

Apps and supremacy

As soon as we have been able to download any and every app that there is to download we start showing off. In each and every discussion – as similar as sports and politics – we inevitably end up bringing the issue of brand supremacy. We talk about how an iPhone is better than an Android phone and vice versa. This is why, in this tech-savvy age it is so surprising to see that some companies are still working with their old legacy telephone systems.

Question of relevance

These sets have lost their relevance a long time back and while many households still realize that, it is strange that some companies do not. There are several reasons as to why these enterprises have been unable or unwilling to embrace the new technology. Perhaps the most predominant reason is that of costs. It is always presumed without even enquiring that the new technology is going to be costlier than the existing one. The second major reason is that these companies are not always appreciative or welcoming of changes around them preferring to operate in their own comfortable bubble.

The issue of ignorance

This is perhaps the biggest issue of them all. The companies that have lagged behind do not know the effects of using a new technology since they are not always eager to learn. There are some good reasons as to why every small business owner should upgrade his office’s telephone system the same way that he or she does with his or her smartphone.

It is not that expensive

Most of the small business owners around the world are afraid that installing an IP-PBX system, which operates on cloud technology, is an expensive proposition and this is why they balk at the prospect of installing one. Considering their relatively-limited finances such thoughts may not be out of question. However, the problem is that they are not aware of the antiquated nature of their knowledge. These days, the market for these phones is quite competitive and this has meant that the costs have come down as well. Now, these phones can be availed on rent, and if you take several phones at once you can get discounts. All these factors have made it easier to avail these phones.

This has basically become a buyer’s market where providers are bending backwards in order to perform better than their competitors so that they can provide cost-effective and reliable services to the customers.

Financing options

Taking these phones on rent is much like taking out a loan to buy your home or car. In fact, there are many businesses that are availing these phones on a rented basis. When you avail them on rent you stand to gain maintenance and upgrades for free. In addition to this, there is no concept of long distance calls anymore. This enables you to save a significant amount of money in the process.

Question of operational identifiability

A lot of companies that refrain from using a modern technology like IP-PBX phones state they are used to working with their existing phones and they do not want to change something that has worked so well for them for so long. They do not understand that just like their smartphones the IP-PBX phones too can perform a whole host of functions. It is possible to control the entire IP-PBX phone network of your office with an app on your smartphone even when you are at a remote location.

Question of utility

More than our personal lives, our phones are important to us from a professional perspective. With every phone call you can earn some extra money and with every call that you miss you are missing out on the chance to earn some money. This is where the IP-PBX phones can play such an important role with features such as cellular phone twinning and selective call routing. This way, even during emergencies and off hours you are able to answer your clients. This way you are in a position to edge ahead of your competitors.

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