iPhone 7 few facts dominates the rumor

We can sense the things about iPhone 7, heading towards the great development as far as its features, specs, release date and price is concerned. They are liable to make the mark with its huge jump in the world of technology. We are still in the world of fantasy which features will lay in iPhone 7 and which will not. But certain clues have headed us to the verdict of its features. What we can see in the next Apple device.



  1. Do you think before July and August 2016 you can see the announcement of the iPhone 7? There is very less chance of it… There will be speculation of release date till its announcement.


  1. In the earlier Apple devices, the iPhone, there have been the screen size 4.7 inch but 5.5 inch screen would be smashing for the phone like iPhone 7. But anything could be possible it may happen that you will get to see the iPhone 7 with the previous size 4.7 even.


  1. What Apple is upto for the iPhone 7, it is too early to predict but you can assume that iPhone 7 will be thinner than its predecessors. In its makeover there could be several changes you can see. One of them in the pipeline is not having the headphone jack and you will go wireless Bluetooth headphones or you will see that connection of the headphone through lightning port.


  1. As far as battery power is concerned, there will be better backup in iPhone 7 than its predecessors like iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Of course larger screen requires more battery consumption and larger screen iPhones have supported better battery life. With that stuff in mind, Apple must be coming with bang in the case of iPhone 7 for the battery power.


  1. In iPhone 7, Apple will take the screen resolution at another level. In iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, there was 401 pixels per inch while in the old version of the iPhone, there was 326 ppi.


  1. In case of iPhone 7, there will be no less than 32 GB, 64 GB and might be 128 GB. We cannot expect less than this in Apple upcoming device. That in-built storage will be the things of Apple.


  1. The rumor of getting the USB-C port in iPhone 7 is something we can assume for it. Let’s see the 2016 evolution and iPhone 7 will be coming with the given details or not.


  1. The number of more things in pipeline for iPhone 7,like having 3D screen, curved display, flexible display, edge to edge screen, gaming joystick in the home button, wireless charging, waterproofing and self healing ports. There is less possibility of having all but I can sense that wireless charging, edge to edge screen, curved display can turn true in iPhone 7.


Rumors are in bulk, but we can assume that most of the speculations will not turn true except few of the features. Hang on till release. In the 1st quarter , Apple will release iPad Air 3.

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    iphone fan March 11, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    hi, i really want to get this iPhone 7 or even SE variant this year..

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    iphone 7s specification July 8, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    iPhone 7 is going to come with a 4G Network Support and it also supports the network of 3G as well as 2G check here..

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