Iphone 9 May Support 4k Video Recording, Front & Rear

American Smartphone Maker Apple recently Unveils that iphone 9 Will have a 4k Recording Capability. We all see previous Seven addition of Iphone but if you don’t know what’s new in the iphone 9 then you should read this carefully. As Samsung always keep Invented something new for there user so it is must for apple that they add some new features in there device. To keep all these things in mind apple claim that there Camera features of iphone 9 will going to be far better than any other device, However few days back it just a rumor but after a tweet from Tim Cook it is confirmed. Apple Not only focusing on it’s camera quality but there are also some unique features which you will see in this phone. Now take a look at the complete list of features.

Apple Iphone 9 With 4K Video Recording

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Currently we have seen video recording up to 2k in Many big smartphone and only smart Tv have a pixels resolution up to 4k but did you ever feel the same features in smartphone, Apple always better than Samsung in terms of camera quality and display pixels. Years ago when Iphone 4s released in US no phone of Samsung have this much better quality. Things has been changed a lot in terms of technology. CNN Reporters also claim that giving this Quality features will increase the demand of iPhone in 2018.

Major benefit which user will get from this features is that they can now record Front Camera videos up to 60fps. Including this features surely increase the price tag, now it is interesting to know what price tag does they fix for this device. It could be more than 1200 USD. Another thing which currently is in news is regarding to it’s speed booster.

Apple said that they will give SE Speed booster to iphone 9 next year. Due to high price tag phone can load Heavy games even more faster. For Apple this is just like a new Discovery but Samsung is one step ahead in terms of processor speed as they already gave 1.2 Gbps speed in there CUP. It almost took more than one and half year to made a concept design like that. Tim cook always serious as Steve jobs in terms of exterior look of the phone so apple is also working to make this smartphone much better.

Iphone 9 Features & Specification

There are only few features which apple claim recently and in which display and camera are the major one. Full specification will be updated once the phone about to launch.

  • Camera 20 Mp, Video Rec Up to 4k
  •  2.71 Ghz Quad Core Processor
  • Apple A10 Fusion Chip
  • 4GB Ram size
  • Memory :- 256 GB 
  • Release :- September 2018

There are the features which Apple confirm till now we are expecting a display size up to 5.5 inches but let’s see what will samsung offer. I am quite bit sure that the Camera can easily beat galaxy s9 but it can be said after the release of smartphone. To know about iphone 9 features you can follow the link we gave you. I hope you like the stuff regarding iphone 9, don’t forget to share it on facebook

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