How iPhone App can maximize your business?

iPhone applications

What it takes to make a business great, Investment, Websites, Sustainable resource allocation, Manpower etc. etc. The list could go on and on and is an endless cord. Today, we would discuss another way of maximizing your business i.e through iPhone applications.

Intrigued? Are you glaring at your iPhone? Yes, that same iPhone can assist you in escalating your business. With a plenitude of business strategies, you can easily grow your business so how do iPhone applications fit into all this? Out of so many platforms, iPhone apps enjoy a noteworthy share in the app market. After all, there’s no harm in tapping into the new stream of revenue generator apart from the usual source and channels.

Why iPhone Applications?

Well to start off, let’s have a look at some of the fascinating facts about iPhone.

  • As of June 2016, 1 billion iPhones have been sold and has the largest consumer base.
  • There are 2 million iPhone apps and this number would only increase.
  • iPhone users are more loyal than all other smartphone users i.e they are more likely to upgrade to another iPhone.
  • iPhone is Apple’s most profitable product.

I hope all these facts have painted a picture of how popular iPhone apps are and using them you can drive your business’ growth. iPhone app development services are creating a new paradigm in mobile app marketing.

Coalesce your ideas with an iPhone app and unlock new potential. Also, there are already millions of apps out there how would you survive? Without right strategy at your disposal, your app will be just another app in the store.

What are those strategies? How would you maximize your business?

Let’s find answers to these questions.

1. Go Along With Market Trends: The idea is to go along with what’s trending or which is the hot topic currently going around etc. In general, come out with a list of topics and advertise your app. For instance, let’s say FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and the whole world is anxiously waiting for it. That’s where your app can come handy. Develop an iPhone app targeting that audience and provide them with the latest news.
This approach would increase the number of your app downloads and increase your profits. Basically, just keep an eye out on what’s going on in the world and use that reason for escalating your business.

2. Diversify Your Revenue Source: You have got an iPhone app for your business, that’s good. Now look for ways to diversify your revenue source. Have a clear understanding of App network and go through the ad networks available in the market. You can host ads for third parties, provide users with relevant information etc. and can diversify your income.

3. In-App purchase: In-App purchase provides users with an easy accessibility to the app and purchase their goods/services or even pay for monthly subscriptions or buy premium membership directly from the app. This has been quite famous for mobile games. You must know Candy Crush, though people don’t play it but still know of it and those who play purchases its items. You can buy additional services or content within the app. Some examples, a key that unlocks more features of the game, a cheat code for passing a stage, the virtual currency that can be used for purchases etc.


4. Third Party APIs: Third party API integration interface contains all the technical details required for programmers to integrate software into a custom application. Giving space to 3rd party software vendors would help in affiliate marketing, maximizing sales and much more for your business.


5. Push Notification: E-commerce/M-commerce applications or iBeacon (a location based application) or push notifications are the perfect way to update your users base about anything new and send them real-time updates of your offers, discount, deals, coupons etc. It helps to send regular updates and notifications to the customers also in sending them regular stinkers about any upcoming offers.


6. Mobile Payments: Enabling users to make safe and secure online transactions within their app is another feature to maximizing your business. Customers would be delighted and would embrace this as they can purchase right through your app. Providing customers with easy access to online payments and a safe environment increases the overall customer experience making them engage with your app.  With millions of users and number of global brands supporting the same, it is dedicated to serving the users with a fraction of seconds.


7. Increase efficiency with location intelligence: Location intelligence transforms data into actionable insight and provides businesses with the knowledge necessary to improve a firm’s marketing strategies and its performance. Using location Analytics, businesses can work in a more effective and efficient manner and can implement steps immediately without any delay and achieve their business objectives and have an upper hand over their competitors.


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