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Everyone surely must have heard of Jio Services. It has been a sensation nationwide for the last few years. More and more people are going in for jio services. Some people are either subscribing for a new connection while some are even swapping with their old service network to the jio service to retain their number. MyJio app received a phenomenal response and was a hit among all categories and class of people.

 In addition to just the network services, it also made immense business by providing low budget phones. This received a great response and cheering from the people who weren’t using a service as they could not afford a phone. With the introduction of the sale of the low budget phone which had all the features of a smartphone and well within the affordable range, almost all people went out to purchase it, along which they got free services of jio. This went incredibly well and given to the amazing network with high speed and overly affordable plans, jio overtook the market within no time. Yet with usage people came up with numerous questions about jio which needed answers. Here some are answered.

Will the services end for the day if I exhaust the daily usage limit?

 No. If incase the daily usage limit is exhausted during the course of the day and The service is still available throughout but at a slower speed. And just as the day will the new daily usage with high speed will be renewed automatically.

 Are there recharge plans available if more high-speed service is required after the exhaustion of daily usage limit?

Yes. If there is a need for high-speed data after the daily limit ends, there are packs which are extremely affordable and has validity for not just one day but for an entire 1 month. Once recharged, it can be used for the entire month any day when you need surplus data.

 Are the SMS unlimited?

 SMS has a daily limit of 100 messages per day. If more SMS is needed in a day, there are extra packs which can be purchased. These packs have data as well as SMS available in them.

 If all the recharge and validity expires, for how long will the sim be active?

 If the validity of the pack and the recharge expires, just like all other sim from all other service providers, they will be defunct and cannot be used to make calls and SMS or the data but, unlike all others, it will still continue to work for services between two jio customers. Which means,even after the expiry if you call to a jio provider number, you can connect.

 What more services come along the usual calls, messaging and data?

Jio has coverage over many more utilities, more than just these. There are a number of apps, each for a specific purpose which gives access to amazing features. There are apps for books, magazines, news, payments, music, movies, tv and many more. Which work flawlessly over the jio network.

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