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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a premium combination of aluminium that is extra tough refined look of a glass that lends a classy feel. Spen is nowadays an extremely useful tool that is quick and easy to access and this device has the option of a satisfying click. The only thing that a user needs is have a favourite writing instrument that is handy.

What will make you love Note 5?

  • The most interesting part of Samsung galaxy Note 5 is the improved Air Command that is activated as soon as the Spen is out. The command is there on the screen that waits for the action to be taken by the user.
  • The Spen helps to get as much as possible even at the basics level. The pressure sensitivity that is almost true to life makes the pen accurate and the user can enjoy the benefits of the Spen with writing and drawing.
  • The long pages that require the benefit of scrolling, the user can capture the entire page as one image. It is also possible to select and capture the most awkward shapes in just a single swift move. The notes that are written are captured easily and shared with friends very quickly.
  • Galaxy Note 5 has an additional advantage of charging the device wirelessly. The cordless charging is done so fast and in a liberating manner that the user does not have to look back. The charging is complete in just a span of 120 minutes unlike the other products.
  • The device Note 5 is so powerful that the user can do lots of work and so it is essential to always be charged. The user can work faster and will have the power to scribble, surf and explore the world.
  • The device has tremendous power and so the user has the choice to move from home to office and even great outdoors. It has numerous ways to get charged and so the device is a likeable product to many of the users.
  • The user can take full advantage of the 5.7” spacious screen and a Quad HD Super Amoled Screen of 518 ppi screen.
  • The handset is equipped with a camera of a latest technology that is video digital stabilisation.
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