The Large & in Charge iPad Pro Needs a Protective Skin

With a screen size clocking in 12.9 inches, your Pro has a display that’s 80% larger than the iPad Air 2. It’s one of the largest tablets on the market, and one of the most stunning ones too. Its 2048 x 1536 resolution display and A9X processor made it a shoe-in for the Society of Information Display’s 21st annual Display Industry Awards. But one of its most celebrated features is also one of its flaws. Pushing the boundaries of the meaning ‘handheld’, its large size can make it awkward to use.

Society of Information Display’s

Despite its high-performing  processor and striking display, many Pro owners struggle to use it without damaging it. A simple fumble can turn into an accident that takes a bite out of its bezels or buttons. This is the norm when your tablet doesn’t quite fit in your hands, which is why the iPad pro demands a protective skin or decal.

Skins or decals are the easiest way to ensure your iPad Pro doesn’t start collecting scuffs, scratches, gouges, or dents. Its 3M vinyl material creates a powerful barrier that stops sharp objects, rough surfaces, and clumsy handling from damaging its fragile aluminum chassis. The vinyl is also impermeable, so you don’t have to worry about leaving behind greasy finger prints anymore. The grime-resistant material keeps your iPad clean and safe from liquid spills.

Protection isn’t the only thing an iPad skin can offer. When decals are made by iPad users themselves, the designers know a skin has to look the part. Top skin creators, like the ones you can find at dbrand, have created a refining process that allows them to manipulate the look of these decals. Their efforts have made it possible for you to transform your iPad into a stylish fashion accessory. Check out the latest iPad decals from dbrand, and you’ll find interesting textures like stone, metallic, wood, and carbon fiber mixed with a variety of true colors. You know you’ve hit the jackpot if you can mix and match these styles at your own discretion, so you can create a totally distinctive look for your device.

When fashion and protection combine so flawlessly, iPad Pro skins are the obvious choice for any tech-savvy individual. Leave behind the standard issue grey and white that Apple offers. Create your own unique style and upgrade the iPad’s aesthetics. But more importantly, deck it out in a decal that offers grip and protection, so your behemoth device is safe despite your fumbling.

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