Learn the Secrets of How to Comeback from SEO Penalty

This is a digital world that we are residing in, where the difference amid landing on Google’s first page vs. the second or third can cost you millions when it comes to the revenue. No wonder the SEO ranking of a company has become more vital today than before. If you run an online business, you should be aware of some rules of which the most vital is how to recover from an SEO penalty.

A Close Look on the Different Types of SEO Penalty and Ways to Recover from It

What are the different types of SEO penalty and how to come back from SEO penalty? To know more keep reading. Besides you can avoid Black Hat SEO with Vision Smash Services as well.

  • Cloaking- This technique is used for showing search engines a part of the site that varies from what visitors will see the moment they go to the site. It can take different forms as various forms of content on the site, such as text and photos can be cloaked potentially. Should this problem take place accidentally this can turn into a serious offense which can ultimately ban your site? There are different nuances related to cloaking, but thankfully this can be fixed. Firstly, it will help in identifying which part of the site is cloaked. Today many free tools can identify the issue. Post is identifying the cloaked page log on to Google, fetch the cloaked part, compare this to the content that is fetched by Google. After this remove the variations or discrepancies. During this process ensure in removing the incorrect redirects or strange links.
  • Spam- The word spam indicates inappropriate or irrelevant messages that are sent to numerous recipients online. It is viewed as a big nuisance online, and search engines will ensure that this gets treated as such. Though spams are of different types pure spam is one that is heavily penalized. An easy and quick means to solve it will be by identifying the cause and removing the same. While selecting the automated messaging system to ensure in selecting one which comes with the functionality of anti-spam.
  • Value- The best thing that a site can actually do is adding value to what the visitors will see. Akin to spamming and cloaking, the effort for adding value may take different forms. Each site needs to have a specific narrative that will allow visitors to knowing what the website offers and why he/she must stay. You will get higher SEO rankings if the site is valuable else there are high chances for some pages to drop. Google uses web-crawling software that is automated along with real-life employees and by merging human and technical expertise the website will be capable of identifying whether the site is truly valuable or not. If you trick the software, you will be caught immediately by a human receiver. Hence, rather than utilizing gimmicks or tricks, improve the value of your site by improving the content of the site.

The bottom line is to conduct check-ups on a routine basis and optimize the site as and when possible.

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