Know How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile an Online Reputation Management Tool In 2020

Online Reputation Management

One of the greatest advantages of this pre-internet era is that information is widely accessible.

Either you can use this as a possibility to grow rapidly or it can lead you to stagnant growth if not utilized properly.

Since information has now become publicly accessible, it’s important to feed users with positive information rather than negative.

Online reputation repair services work on this single principle to feed targeted customers with constructive information to manage a company’s reputation.

Apart from some strategies and guidelines, you need the help of tools to maintain your personal or brand reputation effortlessly.

Speaking of 2020 Online Reputation Management Tools, LinkedIn has been trending on the list of popular choices.

Apart from making regular updates, commenting on popular posts, congratulate a friend- there are a few tips to make your LinkedIn profile stands out in search result.

Let’s take a look at the ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to maintain your online reputation.

  • Write Your Profile like an Expert

This is one of the important yet neglected steps too.

While LinkedIn encourages boasting of one’s talent, most people don’t consider this bragging part.

But, the purpose of LinkedIn having these features is to help users to find out the experts in respected fields.

Unless you show off skills, talents, previous experiences, you won’t be preferred by prospects. Because none will inspect you physically before they hire you.

So, fill all the fields on LinkedIn and write the “about” section as if it’s representing an expert. Some of the experts suggest to include keywords you want to be get found.

Else you can use LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords in your profile section. For example: if you’re a salesperson, including “reasonable” or “honest” will seem more palatable.

  • Increase Your Profile Credibility

You may have a profile on LinkedIn but unless you make it credible you can’t take its optimal advantages.

To increase your profile credibility, the first step comes out is to complete your profile and get “all-star Profile”. Having an incomplete profile will not only harm your online reputation but also flaunts your unprofessionalism.

Once you’re done with your profile making, make sure you get endorsed by some of the experts on your field. By showing up a client’s comment on you will be an added advantage to build up the credibility.

  • Share valuable knowledge

LinkedIn profile is purely focused on business purposes. Unlike Facebook, you can’t share irrelevant knowledge here, else it will rank down your profile.

Being an expert on your field you can share valuable knowledge with your connections. People will see you as an expert if you constantly add value to their lives.


LinkedIn is the perfect tool to manage your online reputation. Google shows up your LinkedIn profile on the top of the search result page whenever people search with your name.

So, most of the personal reputation repair services focus on optimizing your LinkedIn profile in order to manage your reputation.

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