Listing Out Top Benefits of Linux Hosting


The web hosting business is amongst the most competitive industries in the online space. When you think to design your own website or any other online project, Linux hosting is the preferred choice of today’s web designers. Linux server has a Unix-like operating system first developed in 1991, and now it has become one of the most popular open source operating systems in the market. Here are some of the main features of Linux hosting:

  • The popular open source operating system
  • Apache is the Linux’s most popular web server application
  • Support MySQL which is a prominent database application
  • PHP is the best scripting language

Top Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting


Many benefits come along with the Linux hosting system. This is a type of affordable hosting makes that makes it easy for anybody to gets started with a website or blog. Here are top benefits provided by Linux hosting.

Cost-Effective & Offered with Free Services

The lower cost may be the primary benefit of Linux hosting. It is an open source platform, so you have to pay no charge for using it. Similarly, the Linux hosting also comes with free and popular scripts, such as Drupal, WordPress, PHP, Joomla, and many others.

High Flexibility & Great to Create a Business Website

With a Linux host server, it’s easy to create a website, blog, multimedia application, online forum or any other online business. The hosting comes with a GNU or General Public License that allows various distributions such as SUE Linux, Red Hat, and Ubuntu. Also, the Linux server is much more flexible than other hosting server.

Offer Advanced Level of Security & Reliability

The Linux-based operating system has proven to be more secure than any other platform. It is the type of operating system which provides better reliability than Windows. Many web designers’ uses the operating system because of its reliability and better performance.

Easy to Operate & User-Friendly

Another main benefit of Linux server hosting is the ease of use. It’s a better choice and more user-friendly than Windows hosting. The Linux operating system supports MySQL, Perl, and PHP. Also, it is known for its good performance and is considered to be stable.

Bottom Line

Of course, Linux hosting gives you great support and uptime; you gain many benefits by using Linux server for your website. Many hosting companies which offer Linux hosting provide full technical support and monitoring services around the clock. So many choices are there in the market, you have to make a selection that best suits all your needs.

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    Dinesh Verma March 12, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Linux is free so is its hosting.

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