How live chat can help you engage with your website visitors

Real-time communication is a quick and direct way to connect with an actual person. As per a survey around 83% customers need some sort of live assistance when buying products online. In such a market situation, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are investing in live chat solutions.

This allows you to engage with the users for offering instant assistance, collecting data and use the same to offer better services to the customers. Moreover, you can also use the data collected through live chat for strategic business decision making and website improvement for better customer experience.

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Now the question is, “how does live chat help you to engage with the website visitors?”

Actually, engagement on the website is not just about answering customer queries. The process includes various steps and techniques to engage with the online visitors to convert them into customers. Here are some of the ways; live chat software helps you to engage with the potential as well as existing customers.

  1. Instant assistance through Proactive Chat

Gone are the days when customers had to wait for hours to connect with the customer support team on phone lines or had to wait for the reply of the emails. Now you can offer instant assistance to the online visitors through proactive chat and can convert them into customers by helping them in completing the buying process.

  1. Differentiate between new and returning visitors

Live chat widgets are designed with the feature to collect user data that helps the support agent in differentiating between new and returning visitors. Based on the available customer details, you can initiate the conversation and engage with the visitors.

  1. Real-time visitor monitoring

With the help of real-time visitor monitoring you can track visitors’ movement on your website and understand traffic patterns. With the real-time information about customer movement on each page, you can find out where they are facing difficulty and can send them proactive chat invitations to help.

  1. Personalized chat

While interacting with the customers through live chat widget, you can provide them relevant value by offering personalized support. Companies like REVE Chat offer live chat software that helps in easy data, keeping that further supports in understanding customer behavior. Based on real-time visitor information and records of the previous conversation, you can personalize the chat sessions and offer a better experience to the customers.

  1. Personalized greetings

By checking the details of a previous chat and real-time visitor information, support agents can greet the customers with a personalized greeting and response for immediate engagement. This also helps you build rapport with the customer while making them feel special and valuable for the company.

  1. Add a human factor to your customer support service

With live chat, you can add a human touch to the whole conversation. It helps you to make your conversation more interactive and engaging without relying on offline solutions. Just like a brick and mortar store where sales personnel are always present to help you, with live chat on your website itself, you can create the same situation.

For long-term success in this highly competitive market, businesses need to find out unique ways to engage with the customers. Live chat is one of the best and cost-effective ways to engage and improve communications with the visitors to convert them into customers.

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