Have a look at the Best Gaming Laptops in India

Kids with lollypops to retirees with walking sticks love to play games on screens. There is no doubt that mobiles are widely used to play the new gen games. But if you are a person, who wishes to push the levels of graphics quality beyond the normal limits, then gaming desktop is the still the king on the scene. Yes, nothing else than a gaming laptop can bring the real heat and thrill to the games that you are engaged in. Dramatic advancements in components, graphics, processor, display, and memory capacity of the present gaming laptops fulfil almost all of the extra edge entertainment expectations of the present generation playing 4K games. Here are some of the hot selling gaming laptops on the market.

  1. Asus ROG GX800

Asus ROG GX800 has become a beastly gaming laptop within a short time of its inception in the market. This gaming laptop adds the real heat to the nerves that make you really mad of the killer computer games. It amazing technical features and specifications keep it apart from the crowd with buzzing game lovers always around it. The important features and specifications include 18.4 inches display size, LED-backlit 4K screen display technology, 64 GB memory, Intel Core i7 processor, SSD hard drive, Quad speakers and more.

This model comes with the updated versions of Hydro Overclocking System to cool the CPU and graphics cards compared to ROG GX700. This system with enhanced efficiency helps a lot in releasing the heat generated by the power supply and graphics cards. Coolant is pumped and circulated around two graphics cards and CPU.

Asus ROG GX800 is benefited with the latest NVIDIA SLI graphic cards. This provides the better levels of gaming environments and feather-touch gameplay experiences. This takes you to the never experienced before gaming world with frame rates and visuals that go beyond imagination.

Specials in specifications from Asus heat up your gaming senses….!

  1. Acer Predator Helios 300

Get fire on your nerves with the first look at gaming laptop. Yes, this is for what Acer Predator Helios 300 is designed. Experience the thrill of 4K games even before you touch the keys. With its Windows 10 Home operating system and 7th gen Intel Core Processor, it brings the best gaming experience that you really search for. Its perfect black body with red back sources in keyboard and borders makes you a real game predator.

The incredible style is more than enough to give a hard push to the gaming senses that takes you to a new world of deadly and challenging games. With its style it always tends to speak, ‘I am ready to start the game and what about you’. It is really impossible to hold the time to start with the game. It is the extra edge in style and performance that made Predator Helios 300 one of the best gaming laptops in the country. Watch out the architectural excellence with exhaust vents to expel heat with the help of the 3D cooling dual fan. Ignite your fusion and conquer the competition with extra heat and thrill on the 17inch screens supporting great graphics of 4k games.

Technology is of Acer and Talent is yours…!

  1. HP Omen 17

HP Omen 17, the gaming laptops are designed to give life to your illusions, imaginations, fusions, and expectations when you are on the game field. And the big surprise is that the laptop has won in this task with it fantastic features in both aesthetical appearance and functional excellence. Turn on the laptop to enter the demented world of games that you have never experienced before.

It is the aggressive design and powerful hardware that helps you conquer the unconquered challenges in the game from anywhere. Cutting-edge graphics from AMD Radeon RX580 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics make the crisp gameplay the most dangerous weapon in your arsenal. Intel Core i7 processor, high bandwidth DDR4 RAM, and dual storage configuration give an extra level performance boost in playing 4K games.

Experience extra energy and thrill in your senses and fingers with the lights coming from the screens. Whatever is the favourite games, get ready for the battle inside and out with HP Omen 17.

Turn up the HP’s settings to enter the world of superb gaming experience……!

  1. Alienware 17

Latest Intel processor, 17-inch screen, graphics from NVIDIA GeForce and more makes it the best gaming laptops to select from to make everyplace the best game station. With its stylishly finished black body with the red source, it ignites the real gaming senses to conquer the unlocked versions of the 4k games. It puts you in real action with its excellent gaming accessories that give the real graphic festival and sound excellence.

The speakers are tested and certified by the sound engineers from Klipsch. They are preloaded with Dolby Home Theatre v4 software to keep the real thrill of the game right from the toes to head. Easy interface and extraordinary audio effects take you to the real depths of the games. Alienware 17 is really powerful, and you can win the games on your own terms.

LCD and internal components are protected by highly durable anodized aluminium shell supported by magnesium alloy frame. The laptops are designed to provide the ultimate control of gaming experience from a single place.

Alienware 17…sets the special game treat for eyes and ears……!

Now as you know some of the leading gaming laptops in the country, features and specifications can vary with the models. The high-performance features of the laptops have made it so popular among almost all of the game lovers. With advancement in all of the components used in laptops, they have made a game theatre instead of gaming devices.

Do you have the idea to compare the features and rates of different laptops to select the best one that perfectly meets your game needs and budget? Then it is made so easy now. You can have a look at the specifications of the leading brands in gaming laptops at www.killerfeatures.com. Here you can get every sort of information and the best deals on laptops exclusively designed for the gaming purpose.

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