Machine Learning Race: The Biggest Countries in the League Right Now

The United States of America, Canada and China are the current leaders in the world of Machine Learning, AI and Data Science. Every year, hundreds of AI start-ups and research programs are launched in the North America for B2B Commerce, Military and Non-government Agency works. While the academic programs in the US and Canada generate the maximum number of AI and machine learning ideas every year, it’s India’s machine learning certification programs that have pledged millions in funding and offered the jobs to thousands of professionals and students in the last year or so.

Today, machine learning race is much like the déjà vu from the space era that had the US and erstwhile USSR take the ball out the park in the last century. In this article, we will tell some of the biggest economies that are heavily invested in the AI and Machine Learning race.

China all the Way

By 2030, China will be the world’s biggest economy across online and offline media. No doubt, their population is the biggest driving force behind the AI race. They are set to inject another $10-20 billion by 2030 and another $5 billion into research programs targeting education of student below 10 years. In all, the Chinese economy is the most well prepared in AI domination, funding 48% of all global AI programs within its territories alone.

The United Kingdom and Germany

AI tech incubators are growing in the Europe as well. UK and Germany are obvious leaders with their economies supporting the AI technologies already in the automotive and pharmacy/healthcare equipment.

While UK may not be at par with China in AI spending, it is going to focus on ethics and social aspects of growing the AI and machine learning capabilities in the next 5-6 years.

The New World of AI in Israel

In the thriving tech landscape of Israel, AI is yet to line up the budgets and set start-ups on fire. Israel’s AI startups are some of the most promising in delivering cutting edge AI analytics, data intelligence, marketing automation, TV advertising and military intelligence. In the field of image recognition, speech translation, neural networking, IoT, and other AI and machine learning capabilities, Israel is right there with the top 10 biggest AI incubators in the world. Slowly, but surely, Israel could well witness major crowd funding and financing from the western world. Some experts say, it would be booming faster than China, if you compare the two GDPs.


Finally, India—the fastest breeding ground for AI and machine learning applications in the world. World’s fortune 1000 Companies are investing billions in India and the startup industry has definitely caught the interest of the US and Chinese companies. India’s own government is investing into Railways, Airways and banking infrastructure to drive AI innovations. With the Machine Learning Certification India projects, there are ample opportunities for India as far as drawing comparison with G20 nations is concerned.

In India, with AI, more than the economic returns, it’s the social benefits that foster growth and innovation in the area.

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