How We Earn $2000 While Sleeping

Are you looking to make money while sleeping?

This is the best internet season for making online money with simple tips and tricks, Just you need to use your brain!

Making money while sleeping is not a big deal everyone knows the secrets. Here in this article, we are just reminding you!

make money while sleeping

  • When we talk about making money while sleeping or make money online doesn’t mean it is a Jackpot or a lottery.
  • Sleeping last night with some of hundred rupees and wanted to see another morning, thinking piling up cash coming out of your computer.
  • Don’t think that you will not require the experience and knowledge of the internet. The money will not come in few weeks or months it takes a year sometimes.

Make Money While Sleeping In Dot Com Lifestyle

But it is possible only in John Chow Dotcom lifestyle. and Blogging industry, however, Blogging has creative ways to make money, I sleep last night with some of $500 in online earnings when I woke up this morning with $2000. Its amazing Dotcom lifestyle this is what living the Dot Com Lifestyle is all about. If you are not living it, you are really missing out! Do whatever it takes to live it.

Dotcom Lifestyle is a Magical word, however, couple of months ago I heard “DOT COM word from John Chow one of the best internet marketers.

We have a team of more than 10 members but I am mentioning only three names here myself Meer Irshad Khan, Manish Ransubhe and Yogesh Vishwakarma, from Gulbarga, Karnataka, India thanks for globalization for growing blogging industry and Internet marketing, especially I am very thankful to John chow for  sharing the information and earning procedure with us.

Our first Income Report:  Our first income report helping us to feel proud our self and lot of excitements have attached with us for generating this report.


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Why We Are Generating Our First Income Report

make money while sleeping

Our Income report is the inspiration to Newbie’s who want to make blogging as their main source of income and live there dream life.

What is blogging as per as John Chow he says blogging is Time Freedom, Money Freedom, and location Freedom. He says this life as Dot come lifestyle as I said above.

Every blogger shares their income report they show you how they could make money from ads, affiliate marketing, and Paid Post. And shows making income with most popular brands and eCommerce etc, How to sign up for these companies and start there blogging life.

Blogger shares about their blogging experience and great Tricks and Tips which will help to make money with your blog. They suggest some social media site from where you lot of Traffic to your site/ blog.

The reason for generating our first income report, how to be a successful blogger.

Our First Income Report

  • BlueHost: $1000
  • SiteGround: $100
  • A2Hosting: $85
  • Adsence: $90
  • Semrush: $120
  • Longtail pro: $140
  • Developed 2 wordpress site: $152.94
  • SEO Services: $220
  • Paid ads: $100

Our expenses

  • Hosting: $29
  • Facebook ads: $100
  • Total we earn = $2,007.94
  • Total we spent =$129
  • This month earning: $1878.9



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