Mass Effect: Andromeda Latest News & Rumours

The upcoming third-person action role playing video game Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be having a season pass for the previous game. Soon to be launched in March 2017, the respective game’s announcement was made during the Electronic Arts’ press conference held at Entertainment Electronic Expo 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The developers Bio Ware’s general manager Aaryn Flynn revealed its trailer as well as teaser of the same with much enthusiasm. Coming off with lots of admirations and acclamations, Mass Effect latest game series will covey new plot with novel graphics as well as no resemblance to the past games despite stating it as a continuation of the previous video games.

The gameplay includes an entirely different Galaxy named as Andromeda Galaxy where the third-person player gets to choose a male or female character named Sara or Scott Ryder who will follow the guidance of leading Pathfinder Alec Ryder. Mainly helping the gamer to seek new planets in and out the Galaxy where the main aim is to search the perfect platform for the existence or survival for human species. Surrounded by other gaming characters too, the player mainly tends to put mask of either male or female character.

Considerably being one of its kind as Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to have an open world environment which has lot of similarity with its first part i.e. Mass Effect 1. As per the notification that the following game will be set on an open world, it will also have immense high quality graphics which can only run on few major and specified platforms. So, one thing’s quite clear that Mass Effect 4: Andromeda can be run on Microsoft Windows 10 with 64 bits rebooting system along with Xbox One and Play Station 4. However, it is being highly recommended that the video game will be played off well in Windows 10 hence having high speed devices and better quality GPU systems.

As of the latest news, speculations, revelations, etc of Mass Effect: Andromeda production unit and development team states that this particular project is the most ambitious and dream game till date. Telling a tale of completely new stories, new planets, new species, and perhaps an entirely new gameplay system, the Frostbite engine used in the game will be discovering and delivering an incredible graphics jump.

Giving the consumers an extraordinary gaming experience and best possible leisure time to spend, the game will help to get more into the established community of Mass Effect and with Mass Effect: Andromeda, this will only rise thus thinking vaguely to fade away regarding the affect after playing the game eventually hoping for the reaction the team is worthy of.

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