Microsoft Office 2016


Fom the last 3 years,microsoft has released the first version of office for windows.The new version of office for windows has variety of new features,designed to bring stalwart productivity apps into the cloud computing era.

With Office 2016(new  version of office),several people can work together on documents incorporates “GROUPS”section into its software which makes it to use easier by the people to collaborate on projects.Instead of navigating Office’s labyrinth menus,Office 2016 adds a new tool by name “TELL ME” to word,excel and others that allows users to quickly search for functions and makes improvments to OUTLOOK that looks for important Emails and deeply incorporates Skype,video call service and internet chat.

With the introduction of new features in Windows 10 such as Cortana,which also integrates with the software,allowing the personal assistant to search and read your files to improve the features such as calender.Keeping into account of new and growing internet-based services such as Google Docs and Slack which have challenged Microsoft’s grip on the workplace,the new features are introduced to tackle this challenges.

Key features:

1)Tell Me and Smart Lookup


                                                      In its 27 years,office’s suite of programs such as Excel,Word,Powerpoint and many more,tends to become more complicated to navigate.But personal assistants such as Clippy were not particularly received.A new TELL ME feature of office allows all its users to search for a function such as ‘watermark’.This feature then provides one or several options that can selected-which is  more useful than help menu.

Meanwhile,the lookup  function allows users to select a phrase or word and either to look it up in search the web for it or a dictionary,has been upgraded to ‘Smart Lookup’ .This brings extra images and information into the sidebar when you lookup for a term,allowing the context without leaving Word.TELL ME and SMART  LOOKUP were both available  in the previous version of Office 2013 but have been incorporated into the Windows version of Office 2016.



                                Instead of switching between programs to communicate with each other or to edit documents,Microsoft hopes you will do this all within its software.If we share documents among different people,then they can co-author them as well as talking over skype and chatting between each other within Word ,which is integrated with office.

Microsoft has also changed the Groups features of Office 365 into Outlook.This allows file sharing for custom groups of individual and group chats,so that everyone in certain project or team can see and edit them.



                Outlook is Microsoft’s Email client,which promises the “smartest inbox yet”.The company says that it has improved the search faster and wade through Emails.While,a new”clutter”folder will give priority to the emails that are important.

Unlike the spam filter,clutter will learn from your email to determine what emails should be in our inbox and what should not be in our email. Rather then sending full files,Outlook is better in sending cloud documents,which says it will stop people from using data downloading them.

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