Nanu mobile app offers free calls anywhere in 2g network

Nanu mobile app offers free calls anywhere in 2g network

Nanu mobile app offers free calls anywhere in 2g network

Nanu mobile app offers free calls anywhere in 2g network

are you fed up with recharging your mobile phone ?


3g is not available for calling your dear one ?

Now you can call free of cost at 2g network.

An app named nanu has launched to avoid these problems.

Now a days, not a big deal to call free of cost via internet. There are lots of free call making application available for android phone like Skype, Viber, Facetime Etc. these apps generally works on 3g network.But sometime we cant get 3g Network somewhere. In 2g network these apps doesn’t work properly.

Nanu app developed by the father-and-son team of Martin and Daniel Nygate. nanu launched with ultra-low bandwidth technology that lets uses call even in 2g network.

Comparatively it will take bandwidth Approx 80 % less than Skype.
Nanu works for those do not have this app install on their devices. The only limitation here is that If your partner dont have Nanu app, call duration will be limited for 15 minutes. after 15 minuts you have to install Nanu app for free calling.

At the moment, Nanu doesn’t support third party advertisement. Nanu also support calls in land-line in about 41 countries, in mobile it support 9 countries.

people think how Nanu is providing free calls so answer is very simple like the app, Nanu app plays advertisement while users wait for the recipient to answer the call.

Nanu apps website says:

 We are happy to finally introduce you to Nanuapp currently  in Beta phase. Nanu is an idea we came up with long ago but we never had time, the courage and enough resources to make it real. In the past few months our attitude has changed and we figured out there is no better time than the present. We started to connect the dots and worked on the idea more. We realized that this is a crucial tool for the fitness community. We can gather professional athletes and amateur enthusiastist in same place to train, collaborate and teach each other. For us every person is an inspiration because we all fight our own battles. Every day we can read hundreds of inspirational stories about great athletic achievements around the globe made by athletes and “regular” people that bring us to the question “How did they do that ?”.

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