All You Need to Know About Kubernetes Containers

When it comes to digital storage you’ll want something that works for you. Kubernetes containers are just that, a way to efficiently and quickly provide great service for both your company and your clients. This works with the cloud, which, is pretty much the future of storage. Created by Google, they have a background in the cloud world that allows them to put tried and true methods to work for you. A fun fact about Kubernetes is that the name itself comes from the Greeks and means helmsman or pilot.

Benefits of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is portable, it also allows you to choose how you want to share your information. You can either make the information public, or private, or even a combination of both. This is ideal if you have multiple offices and want them to be able to utilize and see the same information or even ones that are location specific. Another is that if there is an issue, the container will seemingly fix itself. It will auto-replicate data and auto restart if necessary among other features. Also you can optimize the hardware you use by only using the resources that you need.

What Can It Do for You?

Kubernetes offers to solve many different needs. Some of the needs that they satisfy could be application health checking, horizontal auto-scaling, load balancing, resource monitoring, authorization and identity, among other things. It will also allow you to utilize whatever application that you are using and whatever language without restriction. They also are all about labeling, where you can organize your data just like you would a file cabinet, organization is the key for productivity and expansion.

What You Have to Do

Obviously, you have to do the work. What this means is that Kubernetes is not going to build your application for you or help you figure out how it works. There is also no self-healing of the system so you do have to monitor your own sources and applications to ensure that they are working smoothly. You also have the options to create single or multi-container pods which is kind of nice. This means that you can separate information into containers and keep like information grouped in the pod that allows for easier access.

Kubernetes is another alternative that you can use for storage over the cloud that allows you as a business to store information in containers, kind of like file boxes, that allows you to organize and have information accessed easily. It also allows you a platform to create and build programs while not doing it for you, which for many programmers might be extremely important.

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