NordVPN Review – Stay Anonymous & Browse Safely over World Wide Web

NordVPN Review – Stay Anonymous & Browse Safely over World Wide Web

Using a Virtual Private Network on your laptops, personal computers and desktops have become quite important these days. There are plenty of websites, which try to hack the data of the users online. In such circumstances, VPNs comes in quite handy as it ensures safety against online threats. NordVPN is one such VPN services that help the users to protect their important and personal data from hackers. NordVPN is a brilliant VPN provider that offers numerous amazing features to its users. Click here to get NordVPN for your device.

NordVPN Review

What is a Virtual Private Network?

So, before we start talking about NordVPN, it’s important to know about what is a VPN and how is it useful for us. A VPN service allows routing your internet surfing traffic through a temporary IP address via a remote server which is located in another country. This ensures safety from leaking of personal data in events where someone is keeping a track on your activities. VPNs not just ensure online safety but also helps the users to access some deep web contents which are geologically inaccessible.

NordVPN – The Introduction

NordVPN initially kick-started itself from being limited to just a few states in the west however, it quickly expanded its services to over 61 countries globally. The organization is situated in Panama and owns more than 2200 remote servers all over the world out of which half of them are in the United States. The US and Australian VPN servers of NordVPN are the fastest. These servers can be sorted to cater services to the general public or assist the NordVPN users with specific features. This VPN services provider has established itself as one of the most used VPN offering its services to a large user base.

NordVPN – How can it Help?

The NordVPN service provider is available in over 61 countries all over the world. This provides the user with a huge range of servers to make a choice from. NordVPN is accessible in a simple and handy windows application where you can easily manage and control your internet settings. NordVPN is not only available in a windows version but it can also be used for your smartphones in order to provide greater safety options to the users. In order to start using the windows version, all you have to do run their windows application on your desktop and then select a server of any country from the world map appearing on the screen. After this, you will be connected to the servers of that country via a remote server.

NordVPN – The Top Notch Features

NordVPN offers quite a range of high-end features to its users in when compared with other prevalent competitors on the market. Some of the features are as listed below:

  1. Dedicated IP Address: One of the handiest features if NordVPN application is its dedicated IP address. Now, you can easily purchase a remote server based IP address for yourself. Whenever you connect with a server, you are assigned with an IP address. This feature makes sure that you are given an IP address of your own.
  2. Military Grade Encryption: NordVPN comes loaded with high- end security features that ensure to safeguard the users from online threats. It uses an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) accompanied by 256 bit-keys which protect your online data and information. This standard is quite secured as it was being put to use by the US Government to safeguard its classified data.
  3. CyberSec: CyberSec is the latest add-on feature to NordVPN that enables automatic blocking of suspicious websites on your desktop. This protects the system from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. In addition, this feature also assists in blocking flashy ads popping on your computer screens.
  4. Double VPN: Encrypting your online data twice is way better than single encryption of data. NordVPN offers a double VPN feature that takes online security and privacy to a next level. It makes sure that your internet traffic is routed through two different IP address on two different remote servers before it reaches you. This enables you to safeguard your identity in a better way.
  5. Automatic Kill Switch: Another exciting feature by NordVPN is the Automatic Kill Switch feature that can help the users to protect their devices and personal data online by enabling this feature on several websites. The kill switch features makes sure that even if the connection suddenly drops out or ends out prematurely, no website that has been blocked from your VPN tunnel is able to access your sensitive information.
  6. No Logs Policy: The organization is quite strict with their policy which states that no user data would ever be stored on any of their servers and this is probably the best features of NordVPN. This also comprises of your browsing history and other online activities as well.

NordVPN Pricing & Plans

NordVPN is quite flexible with its pricing as well. Presently, it offers three different plans to the users to make a choice from. The three plans available comprise of a 2 year plan which comes at a price of $3.29 per month or you can pay $79 for two years altogether. If the user is not satisfied with the services of the provider, NordVPN also offers a 30-day money- back guarantee to its users. In addition you can terminate or end your subscription at any time as per your wish without paying any termination charge.

NordVPN Review

The Final Words

NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPN service providers in the market. The handy feature offered by the VPN provider for the price it comes in makes it the best in class. NordVPN not only protects your computer systems and laptops from data hacks but also helps in safeguarding your personal data on your smartphones via its iOS and Android apps. NordVPN is constantly trying to improve its features and expanding its network so as to provide the users with the best VPN services.



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