Now Control Your Appliances withan app: Home Automation

Always heard of the old age cliché that your smartphone is as good as the applications installed on them? Well, the statement is partially correct. We know a few components which when combined with your smartphones and compatible applications, you can easily automate your house. We will provide you with 10 ways in which you can use your smartphone to make your life easier and comfortable.

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Smart Thermostats

The Nest thermostat is creating waves around the world. It can connect to Wi-Fi and has an iPhone app also. You can use it to easily control your house’s temperature from basically anywhere. The Nest Thermostat allows learns about your schedule each day after gradual usage of the device and automatically programs itself to manage the temperature settings for you.

Motion activated Security Cameras

You can easily monitor everything around your house through the help of the security cameras. These are motion activated and are able to detect any unwanted presence or intrusion in your house. You can easily find a number of mobile applications which will help you to have live feeds of these camera on your smartphone.

Security System

With the advent of home automation systems, you don’t need to keep hold of those old-fashioned burglar alarms. The security system can be control using the app on your smartphone. You will get instant notifications on your phone if anything unexpected happens.

Pet Feeder

If you love your pet a lot but are busy in your work and couldn’t take time off to feed him, you are in for a treat. Now you will find a number of mobile applications that allow you to dispense food through a remote food dispenser. Pin to feed is one such app you would love to use.

Improved Lighting

The Phillips Hue helps you to control all the lightings in your house. You can easily change the color of lights, brighten or dim the lights on any specific time of the day and also switch them on and off on your own accords however you want them to be.

Coffee Makers

Although most of the coffee makers in the market are fully programmable already, but if you connect them to your phone to make you a coffee how nice it would press be. You won’t even have to get up to make a coffee. Just select your choice on the app and your coffee will be made and ready to serve whenever you want it to be.

Smart Keys

You can now upgrade your lock and key system to make your house a little more secure using the home automation system. It also allows you to keep a check on which doors are unlocked at the present time. Now you don’t have to carry those old keys everywhere and can also make temporary keys for someone who wants to enter house for a small period of time.

Upgrading Electrical Outlet

Instead of buying new appliances to make them compatible with your smartphone, you can always upgrade your old electrical outlets with new smart ones which are app friendly. All you have to do is plug in your devices into these outlets and control them from your smartphone.

Start your Vehicle Remotely

You can easily find a number of apps for your smartphone which allows you to connect it to your vehicle. These apps easily allow you to start your vehicle from the app and can also turn on the heater. This feature is especially useful in colder area where the temperature and climate are not much suitable.

Home Automation

You can easily control all the devices in your house with home automation systems. All you need to do is to install compatible appliances in your home and required apps on your device. The only drawback is that you would have to install a number of apps for different devices.

Final Say

Now, with advanced technologies, you can easily control all your house appliances and more through mobile applications installed on your smartphone. This makes it easier to use and provides a comfort level which you wouldn’t have heard of before hand.


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