Obsolete SEO tactics You Should Avoid

The biggest search engine, Google, is evolving and constantly changing on daily basis. They are updating SEO guidelines, policies and algorithms permanently so you should get well informed in order to benefit from good rankings, boost in web traffic and improved visibility. Regardless of those changes, there are a lot of websites that are still using plenty of obsolete SEO tactics. In the text below you’ll be able to learn which ones should be avoided. Keep in mind that wrong SEO tactics can be really harmful to your business, so you should try to be up-to-date as much as you can.

Numerous links won’t get better rankings

It is very important for your business to attract as many people as you can to your website. One of the ways for grabbing attention is via links and citations. Unfortunately, a lot of people are using wrong linking strategy. Make sure that links you’re using are relevant. That way, you’ll see your ranking improves. Go for quality instead of quantity. A lot of old and authoritative sites lost their rankings due to a wrong backlinking strategy. Google will rank you better if you concentrate on relevance and avoid numerous links and citations.

SEO is not keyword-rich content

There is a misconception still alive and many people go after it by filling their content with keywords while thinking about getting better rankings in the SERPs. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, Google put this strategy on the black hat SEO list. So this „keyword stuffing“ will actually do more damage than benefit to your business, since you’re going to be penalized by Google. Yes, this technique was working in the past, but that is changed now. Think more about your users and less about search engines. Work on high-quality content and Google will know to recognize your efforts.

Links, code, and content are not enough

Five years ago you’d be completely right in thinking that focusing on links, code and content are enough to rank well on Google. Not anymore. Things evolved and become a little bit harder. In order to be visible and attract new costumers, you need to work on social media marketing. Everybody is on the social media, and that’s the main channel for your advertisement. The SEO experts located in Perth area recommend this kind of campaign since you’ll be able to communicate with your audience and see what they really want. Go ahead and get yourself some feedback and reviews.

More pages won’t generate more traffic

There are still a lot of webmasters that think more pages will attract more traffic. They will often say that Wikipedia is the proof of that. They have millions of pages and that’s the reason why they have great traffic. It can get hard to explain that content-rich site won’t rank better based just on the numbers. The content must offer the real value for the visitor. Especially after Google worked on the latest Panda upgrades. It is crucial to have high-quality content in order to get a better visibility on search engines.

Be careful with guest blogging

Guest blogging can be a great way to promote your business, and this strategy is very common among bloggers. This effort can pay off, but you should be aware that low quality or irrelevant content won’t take you far away. It will be considered as a black hat technique that was popular among spammers. So make sure to share your content with people who are in the same or similar niche, in order to avoid bad rankings.


Try to focus your energy toward creating high-quality and user-friendly content. Keep in mind that SEO is an ever changing process and it’s improving every second. Try to avoid engraved misconceptions about SEO, a lot of webmasters will recommend some old techniques which can really harm your business. Getting better rankings and attracting more people to your site can’t be achieved overnight or by pressing the right button. Try working on your brand, and offer something fresh. If you have a high-quality product or service, people will talk about you and will find you.

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