One-Stop Solution For iPhone Repair in Dubai

There are two kinds of iPhone buyers. One, who invests in Apple Care subscriptions upon purchase to play it safe and two, who choose to fix any iPhone related issue on the spot.

If you fall under the second category, then you’re reading the right article!

How would you feel if your phone falls, breaks or stops working? Imagine, you’re just having a regular day and carrying out your daily routine and BAM!!, your phone just falls or hangs.

Phone related issues that come up out of the blue is considered as one of the top reasons for individuals to get frustrated. The first thought that comes to your mind is ‘What now?’.

I bet the first thing you do is, go on a search engine and type ‘iPhone repair service center near me’ or ‘price to fix a broken iPhone X screen’. The next thing you would do is alter your schedule to get your phone fixed on priority as it is practically impossible to get back to routine with a broken phone.

What if we tell you that you need not go anywhere to fix your phone?

What if we tell you that your problems can be solved in no time and at your convenience?

Sounds too good to be true or too expensive, doesn’t it?

Well, don’t you worry about either of those two assumptions?

Fixerman – The Tech Guy is on a mission to solve all your gadget repairs in Dubai whether a phone, laptop or tablet fix. We repair gadgets at your doorstep so you’d get the service you want at your convenience and the most affordable price. Equipped with the world’s first solar-powered mobile service center, we call it #FixerVan! Our team comprises of highly experienced tech geeks who are passionate about fixing your phone and making it as good as new. Depending on the seriousness of the issue we can give you your phone back within a minimum turnaround time of 20 minutes.

Getting your iPhone repaired has never been easier. There are three ways to go about this.

  1. We will come to you:

You could reach out to us via call, Whatsapp or any social media platform and we could come to your location, fix your issue and give the phone back to you in a short span of time.

  1. We will pick it up:

If your iPhone requires a long time to recover, we could pick it up from your location, fix it at our state-of-the-art repair laboratory and have it delivered back to you ASAP! You could also track the progress of your repair.

  1. You can come to us:

We are located in the heart of Dubai i.e Business Bay. Drop-in and enjoy unlimited tea/coffee while listening to some jazz music while our tech geeks fix your gadget in the lab.

We are one call away from fixing all your iPhone problems in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

Our apple service center Dubai is built to the highest standard and is ESD compliant as we do not compromise on the quality of service. Some common iPhone services we provide are:

  • iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement
  • iPhone Battery Replacement
  • iPhone Camera Repair and Replacement
  • iPhone Back Glass Change or Replacement
  • iPhone Touch not Working
  • iPhone Microphone not Working
  • iPhone Home Button Replacement
  • iPhone Software Issues



We also have a service called ‘iPhone Repair Dubai – The complete fix!’ incase the issue you are facing is not mentioned above or unidentifiable. Our team will come to your location and diagnose the issue for you and discuss the next steps upon your approval only.

Services like ‘back glass replacement’ and ‘water damage fix’ are not offered in Apple stores but offered here. We at Fixerman use OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer parts to ensure that the quality of your phone adheres to Apple standards.

If you don’t’ believe us you could have a look at our google reviews. We take pride in being the highest reviewed third party service center in Dubai.

Fixerman is the one-stop solution for all your iPhone related problems in Dubai.

Get in touch with us to get a speedy fix for your phone/laptop/tablet issues at your doorstep.

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