OnePlus 4 To Be Released in July 2017?

Among the top smartphone making brands which have come up over the last few years, OnePlus is definitely one of those which has managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts across the continents. And the latest news and updates which have come out reveal that the Chinese smartphone making brand is going to unveil a new device OnePlus 4. This latest upcoming smartphone is rumoured to come out sometime in the middle of the year 2017 although nothing has confirmed by its manufacturers.

If we follow the trend of the smartphone devices released by OnePlus, we can find out that there has been a particular pattern. For the first time OnePlus came up with the OnePlus One in the month of April in 2014. The international release of the device took place a few months later, in June to be precise. The OnePlus 2 which is a successor to the OnePlus One got unveiled on July 27, 2015 with a subsequent release in the month of August. Even OnePlus 3 came out in the month of June last year. So that sets the trend of OnePlus unveiling new flagship devices in the middle of the year. Hence, we can expect that the OnePlus 4 might come out in the month of June in 2017.

However, there have been a couple of occasions where OnePlus came out of their practice of releasing smartphones during the middle phase of the year. the OnePlus X came out in the month of October in 2015, while the OnePlus 3T came out in the month of November in 2016. But both these smartphones have primarily been upgraded versions of the already available smartphone devices from the manufacturer. So it doesn’t seem that the OnePlus 4 will come out sometime in the later part of the year 2017.

Is an earlier release of OnePlus 4 possible?

Questions are also raised regarding the fact that whether the OnePlus 4 is going to be unveiled at any earlier date or not as many of the leading smartphone making devices are expected to release their flagship devices in the earlier part of the year 2017. But there are minimal chances of the OnePlus 4 getting released at any time earlier than what it has been stated above. Rather the release of the OnePlus 4 might get delayed a bit. Even then the speculated release date doesn’t go too far beyond. If OnePlus takes a bit more time to release the new flagship device, it could get delayed to July. But there is little chance of the release of OnePlus 4 getting postponed beyond the month of July this year.

There are a number of highly rated smartphone devices waiting to be released in course of the year 2017. And the OnePlus 4 is definitely going to rank within the top ones. So we can expect a strong competition between the smartphones released by the leading smartphone making brands in the world and the OnePlus 4 which has promised a lot as far as the rumours regarding the features of the device are concerned.


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