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PCITS, a popular branding agency in India, has launched a number of services for marketing of products via offline and online sources. The major task of this company is branding. When your business gets a brand name, it gets automatic marketing at many instances. Branding is one of the ways to beat recession. If your brand gets the fame, then the name itself becomes a source of marketing. Many of the individuals purchase your products or service just after hearing that a particular product or service belongs to your brand. Besides, the brand makes some permanent customers of a business, who purchase your products or services when your business is not being promoted.

This Digital Marketing Agency India assists your company or some other business unit in acquiring the brand name. In addition to this, there are some other services also, which are provided by this company. The other services are helpful in promoting your brand.


The major service, which can be taken as best instance is digital marketing. The digital marketing is the way that helps you in promoting the business over the World Wide Web via different ways. One of the major aspects of digital marketing is Search Engine Marketing. It is a known fact that the search engines play a major role in the growth of enterprises. A plethora of people prefer to search over the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for some product or services. But, to get the good business, it is required by the website to be on the top search results. It is a general psychology that people like to click on the search results on first or second place. This is why, the effort is being made by the companies to take some phrases related to the searches, better known as keywords at the top results. The techniques, which are used for search marketing, also known as SEO, are link building, content posting, video submission, Infographics submission and a lot more. All these techniques are widely used in increasing the visibility of your website over the search engines.

Another digital marketing service is social media marketing, also known as SMO. It is sometimes recognized as a part of SEO process. But, several times, it is also taken as a standalone services, and many of the corporate firms give the projects for SMO only. As the name itself depicts, the social media optimization or marketing includes the promotion of products, services or business over the social networking sites. Some of the major social media websites, which are widely popular today, include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram etc. Different types of stuff is posted over these websites in the form of links, images, videos and written content. Groups, pages or user profiles are used to post the stuff, which is further shared by the other users, profiles or pages. Social networking also helps in increasing the search engine ranking.

Another part of digital marketing is content marketing. Written content in the form of articles, blogs and Press Releases can be posted over different websites along with the links of business websites on the popular phrases that are termed as keywords. Email marketing is one more aspect of the digital marketing. The bulk mailing method is used to inform the other people with creative stuff in order to promote the brand. This is known as email marketing.

Apart from all the above mentioned aspects, the marketing of the brands or products/services are done via information through different graphics. Video marketing is the first example in this regard. The videos with presentations, documentaries or lectures are posted over the video submission websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Besides, the Infographics and PowerPoint presentations are also posted, which are also the part of digital marketing. These are not just the parts of SEO process, but they are also taken as the standalone units.


In addition to branding and Web Development Services, this brand design company also offers some other services, which are prevalent in the corporate world in the current scenario. Customer Research is one more services, which is popular in the corporate world. On the other hand, strategic planning and consumer research can also be marked as one of the services, which the clients can avail from PCITS.

In order to get the complete information about the services being offered, you can contact the website of the company. You can also get in touch with the company through online channels or on the phone number given on the website.

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