Pegasie’s Automation Testing Tools & Services

Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective are arguably the three most important aspects of any business tool. Pegasie’s Automation Testing Tools & Services have been designed to incorporate industry-leading tactics and technologies to make application testing simple.


Pegasie’s services include web application, ERP systems (like SAP and PeopleSoft), data warehousing, non-graphic applications, and CRM.

In a world that is rapidly advancing, the need for streamlined (and near instant) results continues to grow. Pegasie is addressing this need by taking on application development from multiple angles.

The Benefits
The key features of Pegasie’s tools and services include:
– Reduced risk
– Reporting consistency
– Greater visibility
– Improved quality
– Reduced undetected defects
– More rigorous testing process
– Faster test cycles
– Reduced execution effort (by 20x to 25x)
– Faster development

These benefits are truly the tip of the iceberg. Pegasie put extensive research into the development of their application testing services. Their team is knowledgeable and knows exactly what questions to ask, what steps to take, and where to get next after each item is checked off.

Pegasie’s products make application testing a simple, step-by-step process. The various tools allow you to extensively test any application and all its features before you release. You’ll be able to detect any errors and potential issues, and remedy them, before the application even gets in your users’ hands.

All this means you’ll be able to release a perfect, flawless application that is well received by your users.

Reduce Testing Costs
Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the significantly reduced testing costs when you use Pegasie.

How? It will require less time and effort to find and fix defects, because the process is quicker and more focused. It will also reduce redundancy because the process is rigorous. The streamlined process is significantly faster and more effective.

Additionally, since the initial release will be very high quality, time and money will be saved since there will be reduced need for “emergency development” and post-launch testing.

Pegasie’s Approach
Pegasie’s team will help in reviewing the challenges you currently face and identify solutions. They can also assist you in designing and architecture, selecting the best tools/approach, implementing tactics based on best-practices in the industry, and improving processes to get the most out of the tactics you implemented.

Pegasie will allow you to improve your time to market by up to 25 times. 95% of projects show a ROI (Return On Investment) within 12 months of launching.

The innovative design of Pegasie’s products and testing team make evaluating and assessing risks simple. And it all happens prior to deploying your application.

With the implementation of best-practices and constant tweaking and improvement, Pegasie’s tools dominate the industry as some of the best for application testing. You’ll save time, money, and headache by improving your app before launch. Your users will have the best interface available from version one.

That means you can focus on the important things, like creating your company’s next application.

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