Are You Planning For Holiday Email Campaign?

When you start with an email campaign, you are not sure whether it will be a success or not and you may not be very sure about when to post or what to say.  With holiday email sending you don’t have to think when you have to send the mail or what you have to say.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities when you can reach out to the prospects and clients and other relevant people. The holiday list is out from the beginning of the year, and you have plenty of time to plan on sending these emails. Should you go for a holiday email template or continue traditionally?



Traditional Vs A Video Mail

When a holiday is around the corner, and you want to share a great offer with your customers, what your mail should contain? Good text or Graphics or Both.

While images are the best way to express and are used in the emails along with the message text for greeting the customers on holiday, you can be innovative as well. What about a video?

Any holiday has a particular reason of its own, and almost every one of it is celebrated uniquely. You must be celebrating the holidays in the past as well with your customers or may be organizing some event. If you have any video of the celebration, you can include it in the email as well. Give a warm greeting to your customers, and there you go. Send it across to all of your clients.


Personal or A Mass Mail

It is a question that comes into the mind of every marketer, and the answer is simple. While more attention is indeed required to the premium customers, so they need to be treated specially with a personal mail.

You can even segment the customers for the same purpose as well. You can send same mail to everyone in the list. There are many whom you want to build the strong connection with so you can send the personal emails to them as well.

Going ahead you can increase the impact of these emails with hybrid strategy as well. You can send the mail to everyone but do the follow-up on a one-to-one basis with a more personal touch.

Whether to Make Your Design or Choose A Readymade Email Template

If you want to make use of the email editor, you can use the various customizations to brand your way. Add the colors you want, and with the text and logo and images, you can make your brand more visible in the every mail you send.

While the customizations usually require just dragging and dropping, it’s nice to have the mobile responsive website as more customers are using the smartphones to access their emails. Most of the email service providers provide the necessary help over the phone or the email as well. So if you have any trouble with the holiday email template, the experts can help you create one as well.

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