How to play YouTube videos in offline mode- by downloading them

The world of internet is a rather delightful place, filled with all sorts of content that you can possibly think of. Among the most consumed content on the web is videos and there are not many video streaming sites with as much popularity as that of YouTube. The site which was launched in 2006 curates millions of videos daily and attracts viewership in the billions now.

The huge range of videos available on YouTube are simply limitless, they encompass every possible thing we can think of. It is likely you will find a video relating to whatever it is that you are looking for. The most commonly viewed videos on YouTube are that of music videos, movie trailers and the recently trending video blogs.

For those of you who may have a busy schedule and do not often find the time to watch your favourite videos, you can download them and watch later. The videos can be downloaded when you have a stable internet connection and can be watched when you are commuting or on a bathroom break. It makes for good entertainment during that free time and can help lighten your mood during stressful times.

As for the more occasional watchers amongst you and simply do not have a good internet connection everywhere you go, you can download the videos for a buffer free watch. The slow loading videos and buffering makes it a very frustrating affair when it comes to watching videos. You can also upload these videos to social media sites using customized YouTube to facebook thumbnail.

The steps to download these videos are rather simple:

  • Copy the URL link from YouTube.
  • Use a website that can download the codec from YouTube to your hard drive
  • Click start and save the file on your drive

Another method you can use is through VLC media player:

  • Open VLC player and use the network stream mode
  • Copy the URL from YouTube and paste it in the network stream window
  • Use the codec information tab from ‘tools’ section in the toolbar
  • Copy the location from the tab and paste it into your web browser window
  • Then you can directly save the video to your hard disk

This is possible because the location of the video file is that of the google server and hence downloading it is possible. Another way to go about is to use a desktop client, which also uses the same steps as that of a regular video converter. The only advantage is, some dedicated versions can download 4k video files, 3D and even 360-degree videos. They can also download huge file sizes, unlike other sites. For those of you who like to share files on various social sites, be wary as there can be copyright restrictions on your videos. If you want to bypass that, you can use a YouTube to facebook thumbnail generator. You can now get to download your favourite YouTube videos from the internet.

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