PlayStation 5 Features and Specifications

The PlayStation 5 is the unannounced successor to the PlayStation 4 and is the next-gen console from Sony. Previous Sony consoles were released 6-7 years apart. The PlayStation came in 1994, PlayStation 2 in 2000, PlayStation 3 was in 2006 and PlayStation 4 in 2013. So the PlayStation 5 is expected to release again after that time apart and is expected to come in the market until at least 2019. The gamers are also very much eager to know about the next version to hit the market. The last version came out in the month of November 2016. The last version was a huge hit and it can be said that the new gaming console is going to absolutely mind-blowing.

To start with the features it is expected that the PlayStation 5 is definitely going to be a superior one than the previously released PlayStation 4. It is expected that the PlayStation 5 is going to be sleeker than the PlayStation 4 as far as the design is concerned.

Technical Specifications
If the rumors to be trusted PlayStation 5 is going to support a video resolution of 1700 pixels while the PlayStation 4 supports a resolution of 1080 pixels. Sony Computer Entertainment is supposedly going to make considerable advancement in this section. PlayStation 5 is going to feature an AMD graphics card which is definitely going to enhance the gaming experience of the owners of this upcoming gaming console. The PS4 Pro which came out into the market a few days back features a graphics card from AMD with a 4.2 teraflops rating. So it can be expected that the PlayStation 5 is going to feature a better graphics card. Also the reported joining hands of Sony and AMD boosts the speculation of PS 5 featuring a graphics card with higher teraflops rating. It is expected that PlayStation 5 will be more adroit in presenting a better experience for the gamers. might come with a better Wi-fi support than what has been available in the previous versions of the gaming console from Sony Computer Entertainment.

PlayStation 5 Storage Capacity
PlayStation 5 is going to have a bigger storage capability. The PlayStation 4 has a storage capability of 500 GB. But as the rumors are hovering it could well be up to 10 TB but the exact figure remains to be revealed.

Virtual reality
Besides all these mentioned expected features of the PlayStation 5, the most important thing that is going to be noticed is the virtual reality. By the time PlayStation 5 will appear in the market, virtual reality would definitely become one of the most important features of all the games. Of course Sony does not want to leave the opportunity. Now it will be interesting to see whether the gaming console from Sony will be able to support virtual reality for the players or not. But news is, it will come in as one of the features although everything is in a state of rumour.

The speculations are high and now we will just have to wait for the PlayStation 5 to release to see whether it supports all the latest addition to it.

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