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About mary kom you should know and learn a lot from her .

mary kom

mary kom

Mary Kom (Mangte chungneijang mary kom) born 1st of march 1983, also known as MC Mary kom

Is an Indian boxer. She won 5 time world Amateur boxing champion. Mary Kom’s achievements are endless. She is the only woman boxer, who won a medal in each one of six world championships. She is very inspiring lady for girls. Mary Kom was the only Indian female boxer to be included in 2012 summer Olympics.


Little bit about Mary Kom

Mangte chungneijang mary kom was born in poor family in Manipu’s kangathei village.She completed her primary education from Loktak Christian Model High School. She was school dropout but later whe went to alternative method for completing Graduation. Mary Kom failed in 9th grade exams at Adimjati High School at Imphal and quit her schooling from that time.

Between attending school, she was caring her siblings and playing all type of games like hocky, football, and atheltics but that time she didn’t play boxing. Mary kom worked for helping parents in field also. She inspired by Manipuri boxer Dingko singh’s gold madel at 1998 Asian Games. Mary Kom moved to Imphal, the manipur capital, to train in atheletics. Coach K Kosana meitei gave her chance they saw her practising punches late into the night, while others ware in bed. Her goal was lift her family from poor background only.

priyanka chopra as mary kom

priyanka chopra as mary kom

Now sanjay leela bhansali is producing a movie based in Mar Kom’s Success, struggle and hurdles of life. Film Directed by Omung Kumar and Produced by Sanjay leela bhansali. Sanjay leela bhansali commited this movie in 2012, also confirmed in an interview in casting will be Priyanka chopra. Story is written by Saiwyn Quadras.

In lead there is Priyanka chopra, Co-stars, Minakkshi Kalitaa, shishir sharma and Zachary Foffin.

Some movies has Released before like this, movies were based on player’s life, like Pan singh Tomar, bhag milkha bhag.

these movies inspiring people not only who is related to athletics even people want motivations in their life.

First look of the movie has released on 15th july 2014. The film is releasing on 5th September 2014.


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