Promote Ethical Workplace Through Pre-Employment Screening

The implementation of the Background verification is said to be the next mile-stone in experiencing the success of the employers. The advent of globalization has its own advantages and disadvantages, and when you are thinking about locating the right candidate for your organization: Weeding out candidates is a troublesome affair. To determine if you want to continue with the series of interview steps, you can opt for pre-screening option. In this way, pre-employment screening prevents you from wasting time on a candidate you won’t want for your organization.

This is to ensure further regarding that the organization meet the right employee, in reference to the basic requirements for the role. Simultaneously, ensuring you that you have invested upon the right candidate by rejecting the unqualified candidates through extensive research, in other words, “Background verification”.

To gather the authentic information, Smart Screen assists you to go through about the referred background and credentials for hiring the applicant. If you are interested to know the steps, click further to relate with some noted facts and steps with us:

Important steps while performing a background check

Frame a consistent policy: In a flow chart, arrange a verification check process or you can also get verification excel software for smart work. Although it is advisable to get in touch with the best background investigators, as a recruiter or employer, it is your responsibility to accommodate with the consistent policy.

Arrange a legal advisory board: To unearth sensitive issue is sometimes risky as well as it can take you to legal tour if you are not aware of the codes and legalities, related to a background check. Talk to a solicitor to make sure about the legal boundaries for your company.

A sperate session for accessing face to face with the candidate after background check: You might like to get justification regarding false citation provided by the employee. Thus, an arrangement will always be helpful for excluded incorrectly.

Cross referrals as per the Malaysia Employment and Labor law 2019: follow the employment and labor laws and regulation as it guides you to industrial relations, discrimination, terms and condition of employment, which further adds customary guidelines for conducting background checks.

Stay alert and protected with Smart Screen. Our robust background screening processes help you to operate down the whole organizational structure with an overarching impact on company aims. Additionally, background checking of candidates who are referrals for the same position should be thoroughly explored. A definite relation should link between the background checks conducted and the requirements of the specific job posting of the respective employment. So, unless you like to be performing the interview steps again in a few months when your hiring does not work out, get background checks to make sure you are securing smart decisions. Smart Screen will not make you sorry.

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