Reactivating Windows 10 after a Hardware Change

Is your computer not responding after significant hardware replacing? Then you probably need to reactivate Windows 10 immediately. If you don’t have to install Windows 10 and newly upgrade the software, most likely the PC won’t get a response. So, you have to link Microsoft Account and digital license of Windows 10.

It will allow you quick entry to the Troubleshooter Activation. Therefore, you will have how to make activation windows 10 and link up digital license in this article.

Linking Up Microsoft Account and Digital License

If you know already how to link them, your computer will connect and shows message automatically. Then you can skip this process. For those who don’t know the method see on below. It is the first step of reactivating Windows 10.

● Apply the shortcut using keyboard Windows key (+1) to go to the Settings.
● Then click on security and update.
● Now tap on activation and Add account.
● Provide identification on your MS account and log in.

If it is successful as described here, a message will pop up. Confirming that Microsoft Account is linked with the digital license. Now you have to go to the next step for reactivation. You can directly proceed to the instruction below if you have done the procedure before changing hardware.

How to Make Use of Troubleshooter for Reactivation

Have a look at the final step of activation of Windows 10. Follow the instruction as given here.
● Open settings menu from keyboard shortcut Windows key (+1).
● Click security and update option.
● Then hit the activation button.
● If a text pop up showing the Windows 10 you have installed not activate, click on Troubleshoot.
● Click on the bottom of the paging hardware changed recently on the device.
● Put in identification on MS account again by name and password. Click enter for signing.
● If your MS is not connected to the computer, log in with a local account and click next.
● Then you will see a list including device name join with MS account. Choose the one similar to your device and wish to activate.
● After selecting click the tic button including the devices, you are using. Then tap on activate.

There three categories of choosing the devices for activation. You can click see other to know what devices are connected to MS. For reconnection, you must provide the MS account, and that must be matched with the digital license. However, you may check out the possible reason below, if your computer still not responding.

● Your activation of Windows 10 is not correct.
● The operating system of the computer is not genuine.
● The Windows 10 is not the original software you have installed.
● The device is not matching to the software.

Wrapping UP

Make your installation of the software is genuine, and the devices match with the software. You may check with the causes and be sure as well, if not working. Windows 10 has been upgraded much. Following the activation process as provided here you can successfully reactivate Windows 10.

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