Reasons to Go Green with Cloud-Based Telecom Services

Going green is not just a trend; it is a social responsibility that every responsible organization should take care of. Many companies today are going green to support the noble cause of global warming. Thus, adopting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions has become the sine qua non for organizations.

This decision to go green is popular among businesses of all sizes. The technology has to play a crucial part in supporting this act. So, nothing could be better than cloud-based telecom services.

As we know, to remain competitive in today’s endowment, all a company needs to have is a powerful network infrastructure. It is true that organizations having a traditional network are not efficient. However, if you use telecom services, it helps you go green and reduce OPEX dramatically.

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Let’s take a glimpse at the reasons to go green.

To Support the Noble Cause

Global warming has become one of the biggest concerns around the world. Not only the governments of different nations are working jointly to control it, but the leading organizations are contributing to keeping things under control. No doubt, in this situation, cloud-based telecom services have emerged as the best viable option.

Go Green data center

Protecting environment is not just the sole responsibility of government and citizens, but companies should actively participate in it because they are part of this. Just imagine would you able to do business if there’s no planet. Probably you cannot! So, the best you could do is to switch to SD-WAN to minimize the power consumption and heat dissipation from equipment.

To Increase Credibility

Of course, you have invested a significant amount to setup your business so that you could focus on your goals and achieve new feats of success. Apparently, you do not want to hold an emergency press conference to defend yourself against bad publicity. However, companies that ignore the importance of adopting cloud-based telecom services often found themselves in that position.

Simply putting few lines in your email as an appeal to not to print the information is not enough to show you care. You have to be a company that focuses on conducting business with responsibilities. Do not tarnish your image for being a threat to the environment. Embrace cloud-based telecom services (SD-WAN) to boost your credibility and make people realize that you care for the environment.

To Reduce OPEX

Apart from the noble cause, one big reason to consider cloud-based telecom services is to reduce operational expenses (OPEX). Controlling expenses is a big concern for newly established organizations. It is straightforward to understand that when you have too many equipment in place, you need comparatively a big team to monitor and maintain your network. Consequently, it brings the huge cost to ensure your network stays up and available all the time including power costs as well. Now, the problem is not all the organizations have enough budgets to have a big team and buy new equipment in case of device failures. In this scenario, cloud-based telecom services offer a great way to go green and reduce energy bills.

To Boost Sales

As explained above, when you adopt cloud-based telecom services, you become credible in the marketplace. Today, customers and companies are showing their interest in doing business with responsible companies, which means going green with cloud-based services not only makes you credible but also helps you gain the competitive edge. Consequently, it will boost your sales, which will increase your business revenue. So, if you have not yet adopted cloud-based telecom services, do it to witness it exceptional business benefits. Even if you have a capable team of IT professionals, they must know crucial things about telecom technology.

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Over to You

The above-stated points clearly define why you should go green with cloud-based telecom services. Another big reason to consider them is your competitors are doing it.

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