Reasons to buy an iMac Instead of a MacBook

Are you a tech-savvy person or just a keen individual that wants to get a computer and is wondering whether to buy an iMac or a MacBook Pro?

If you are any one of these, then this blog is for you because we will be looking at reasons why you need to buy an iMac instead of a MacBook Pro computer for your school activities, office activities or even personal activities.

However, most of the reasons might not be applicable to all types of people, because most people who will enjoy using the iMac are people like an artist, graphic designers, web designers, programmers, film directors for editing, school computer labs etc.

The reason why these professionals will require an iMac rather than a MacBook Pro is that they might need a much bigger screen than the MacBook Pro can provide. The iMac 27 inch offers better screen size and quality for these professionals that need to be able to have a full view of what they are doing.

These professionals tend to have a specific location either at their home or at the office where they have assigned the location to be their working place where they have all their materials kept there. So having an iMac there makes the whole picture come to life.

The iMac has more longevity when it comes to differentiating them with a MacBook Pro. The iMac has more longevity as a result of the engineering of the software and also the durability of the hardware.

If you are looking at buying the most powerful computer available, then your choice should be an iMac rather than a MacBook Pro. iMac will certainly last a much longer time for you than the MacBook Pro.

The iMac has better chances of upgradability than the MacBook. With the MacBook, upgradability is often tricky or even non-existent. The newer the MacBook you own, the fewer upgrade options that will be available to you.

For parents who are looking at having a computer at home so that the kids will also be able to use it to either learn, carryout research for school assignments or play games and watch movies can use the iMac instead of a MacBook because the iMac is mounted in one place and therefore kids will be better off using it.

Unlike the MacBook where they will be tempted to carry it around and as a result might end up dropping it on the ground or hitting it on the wall, which will end up leading to the damage of the machine. This will attract unnecessary cost that might have been used for more important things at home.

Though the iMac has more advantages over the MacBook when it comes to certain professionals using it – like the ones stated above – the MacBook also has its own advantages that an iMac owner might not enjoy.

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