How To Remove Write Protection From A USB Device

How to remove write protection from a USB Device

How To Remove Write Protection From A USB Device

How To Remove Write Protection From A USB Device

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Here, in this post we are going to learn about Protection of a Pen drive.

Before knowing about how it works, let’s learn about Pen drive.

A pen drive is a portable USB(Universal Serial Bus) or Flash memory Device acts as storage device which stores and transfers Audio, Video, or Data files from one computer to another. As long as it connected to Laptop or Desktop Computer etc. It will be able to move/copy the files within span of time. And Pen drive is Compatible with any of Operating Systems. The size of the Pen drive is small enough to  fit into  pocket. Other name for Pen drive includes Flash Drive, Jump drive and Thumb Drive.

Now  a  days, USB usage became very common for every users on regular basis. Sometime due to virus or because of over usage, the pen drive may get corrupt. And it may give a alert message Saying that  “ write disk Protected

So, we shall understand how to  get recover from this error message.

First of all , we should find out is Pen drive is ready to read or not. For that, just insert your removal disk. You will notice a pop-up message which appears on tool bar at Right Bottom side with a icon of your removal disk.

Thank God , Now you are in safer side, since pen dive got detected and read by PC. It can be applied to any devices such as Memory card, flash drive , HDD  etc.

Before moving further, If  you want to test with viruses and visibility check carry on with it, so that you can take backup of your private files. Because you cannot recover the data once  proceeded with following steps.

How To Remove Write Protection From A USB Device

How To Remove Write Protection From A USB Device

To remove viruses or making the pen drive visible just read my post by clicking  here.

Just Click on start button on left bottom corner. Go to Run, type Cmd to execute Command Prompt, OK to enter.

Type your drive letter (in my case its F) followed by a colon as “ F: ”   ( without quotation marks)

Once you entered above command just type “ format F: “  (without quotation marks)

Press enter.

You can start using the pen drive without any write disk protection message in future. But the data will be lost permanently.

Note : please use same drive letter which refers to your pen drive, sometimes you may format other drive which results loss of personal data.

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