The right way to hire a Programmer for future development

Developers and Programmer are the bon to the society in today’s time. Whether you are opting a computer, an application or using some technology, it is these people who with their experience and knowledge and programming have offered o many benefits. However, to rely on such people, you need to make sure you are doing the right hiring. For this, you must think of choosing the right type of recruitment process along with the technical round so that furthermore, hiring will turn out to be the value and time saving solution. However, discuss well in advance with your subject matter expert on the same to understand if you can actually utilize the test for the organization or not.

Understand the right type of test:

If you are changing the process of recruitment then make sure this time you take all the efforts in coming up with the most efficient source of hiring. Talking of which, for the developers which will be working on HTML or Java should also be asked questions on the C# test. The purpose of ding this is C is one of the most primary language which was ever created. No doubt later many additional languages came up and now HTML and Java is ruling. But all got developed solely because of C and this is the main reason, a candidate is expected to have the basic understanding about the language and whether it is really going to help or not.

Question pattern to be set:

Along with the aptitude test if you conduct this type of question pattern then certainly, it will save a lot of your time and money. However, to make sure you get the right outcome, it is important that you understand the questions that can give you result on whether hiring such candidate is a fruitful decision to be made or not. Talking of which, you can set the question pattern that includes:

  • The questions of C language that shall include the coding challenges
  • Questions of MCQ and MCA would be added advantage
  • Conducting the problem solving and development skills in C
  • The question pattern must include the set that is exacted to be solved in not more than 60 minutes.
  • The set of questions can be conducted online using proctored method or by requesting the candidate to be present at the location for the test

With this type of test, you will get to know:

  • Whither the person is well versed with C programming basics
  • Whether the candidate is knowledgeable in data structure
  • Whether the person has got control and functions
  • Is the person excellent in structures, pointers and unions or not
  • Whither person has got good development and debugging skills or not

Such type of test undoubtedly will give you great outcome. But it is important that you do a good homework on it first. If you have never hired the C language expert then study their job profile or understand the role of programmer since their hiring process would vary as compared to hiring the other candidates for different job role.

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