How to Run Live Windows From USB Drive

Run Live Windows From USB Drive

Every one is comfortable with windows. This is the most usable operating system on computers. Some time we find computer with other operating system then we stuck here how to use it then we think, how it will be good if we can carry windows anywhere. So here i am sharing solution with you.

Install & Run Live Windows from USB Drive is way to carry windows anywhere with us.

We can install the windows 7/8 on any USB and External hard drive whatever you prefer it doesn’t matter. I recommended External hard drive because it have very good read/write speed. You can also prefer USB 2.0/3.0. If you have USB 3.0 then prefer USB 3.0. I never recommended you to use USB 2.0 because it will take 2 or more than 2 hours in installing only.

After installing it on USB/ External hard drive you can run it directly from this drive by just plug-in it into computer on which you wish to use windows.

Let me explain this that Run Live windows from USB drive is different from Formatting windows from USB drive. Here i am showing you a window 8 example.

Here is the step by step process to do that.

first of all we need these things for running live windows from USB drive
WintoUSB tool, Windows 8 or 8.1, External hard drive. We can use anyone between USB or External hard drive.

WinToUSB is tool that is used for making and running live windows from USB drive. This is simple software as others and easy to install.

Step 1: Install WintoUSB on your computer

 Download WinToUSB

Download WinToUSB

Download WinToUSB from this Download Link and install it just like others software installation

Step 2: Choose Window 8 or 8.1 ISO file

run live windows from usb

Choose Window 8 or 8.1 iso file

Select window 8 or 8.1 iso file whatever version you have. I am having only window 8 pro version that’s why it is showing only this option. Choose it and click on next button at bottom then it will take you the page where you have to select a hard drive.

Step 3: Select USB Hard drive

run live windows from usb drive

Choose installer media

Select your external hard drive as destination disk. Make sure your drive should be formatted with NTFS. After selecting a disk it will show two partition one is System Partition and second is Boot Partition. 

Select first partition of drive as System Partition and second as Boot Partition always as shown above in the image.

Step 4: Start the installation 

Run live windows from usb drive

Installing windows

As you click on the next button it starts the installation of window on usb drive. It will take half an hour or may be more than this depends on USB drive and your computer speed.

Step 5: Boot System from USB drive

Run live windows from udb drive

Booting from USB drive

As installation is finished, restart your computer and choose your USB drive as Bootable media if it is not selected otherwise no need to do this. Now your computer will run the operating from USB drive that you have choose already.

It is so easy process after the installation is finished. Just plug-in your USB drive on whatever computer you want to use and restart your computer with selecting this drive as bootable drive just like you do at the time of CD/DVD or flash drive. (On Asus mother board it means Press F8 at the time of Boot and select drive from the list).

Now enjoy the Run Live Windows from USB drive at anywhere by just carrying this portable USB drive with you.


Note: Have any problem, any doubt then feel free to ask me just comment here.

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