Samsung Ready to Launch Galaxy S9 In September 2018 : Report

World Biggest Tech Giant Samsung Recently Unveils something about the upcoming Anticipated phone galaxy s9. After Sold 5 Million Units of S8 Samsung working on the 9th addition which is yet to come. We are quite familiar with tech market in India and all around the world. In 2017 Not only Samsung but Chinese brands like Mi and Vivo are also sold million of handset due to there amazing features. After a tweet of Samsung CEO many Rumors and Concept pictures has been leaked but no one know what features does Samsung going to give. Being an User of Galaxy s8 i found that company basically focus on the Display pixels and Security features. To give a Eye security features really amaze me because Samsung is the Only Brand which Offer this Kind of Advance features. Now the question arrives In our Mind what Will be the Features of Galaxy s9. Here is something which you Might want to know.

Galaxy S9 Rumors, Leaked Pictures

galaxy s9 first look

We Often notice that whenever a Anticipated Smartphone about to release Pictures always leaked on Internet. To see the Concept look of the phone it is quite familiar that Back Panel of device has been totally changed. Company Could Gave Metal and Glass body in this as per claimed by Company.

What’s New In Galaxy S9 ?

1.Polymer Display (Flexible) :-

We all have used many expensive phones over the past few years but folding or Sequze our device is still a dream for us. In January 2017 Samsung Claim that making phone Flexible is our first priority that why they might use a different kind of Polymer as per claim by Samsung Engineers.

2. Fastest Unlocked Speed @1.2 gbps :-

Another news which has been confirm by Samsung is regarding to phone speed. Company claim that there device will be Unlock at the fastest speed. Exynos 9 Chip has Given by company which is much better than any other device. To Make phone this much faster isn’t a easy task for any company, Now apple might be in trouble as Samsung just gave High quality features.

3. Network 5G :-

As 4g is common among every smartphone now a day so to make galaxy s9 Little unique company took this step to provide 5G Network in this Phone. This device is also one of the amazing phone of the year till now. 5G Network is not available till now in any Smartphone till now but Samsung could be the first brand in India to offer such features.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release :-

Releasing of any smartphone do matter for Smartphone, If we take a look at the all previous 8 addition of galaxy s series then you found that most of them released in April 2018 so Same goes for this device as well, However company Haven’t unveils anything regarding to it’s release but it will be sure after some time. In 2018 Samsung Vision is to sell more Units of S9 and in competition apple could come. I hope you are also Curious to see the first look of this phone. So Wait till 2018, To Know More about Galaxy S9 Features keep in touch with us.

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