Samsung Smartphones Prices Vary From High-End To Budget



When it comes to the world of smartphones, the electronics giant Samsung has a lot to offer both regarding quality as well as the price. The use of advanced technology that it proprietary to it has made the company produce some of the most competitive pieces apart from the current reigning leaders. As such you are sure to find a Samsung smartphone that will satisfy the taste as well as the budget of all budget consumers.

The leading models

The latest range of smartphones that Samsung has produced in it’s S series are the undisputed innovative leaders in the market with no immediate challenge to meet from it’s competitors.

  • If you take into consideration the Samsung smartphones prices of the S 6 Plus, it is what you pay to get the best in class and innovative technology.
  • The edge screen facility of the S 6 + offers the possibility for the user to operate functions just by touching the edge screen instead of lighting the entire screen. The phone facilitates discreet use even when the situations are odd.
  • Moreover, the S 6 + is the slimmest phone that the world has ever produced with a bare 6.9 mm covered with Gorilla Glass 4 front to back giving the phone an alluring appeal.

Using advanced proprietary technology

Added to these are the robust functional features that these high-end phones have, the money that you spend for them is sure to give you a pleasant return.

  • Samsung makes use of it’s proprietary display technology the Super AMOLED that ensures the screen resolution and great color display.
  • Again the proprietary chipset Exynos along with the quad-core processors that the present smartphones of Samsung use are what power them to make the multi-tasking features operate at a lightning speed.
  • The camera features that Samsung currently packs into it’s models are good enough for a professional photographer to get some great shots.
  • The internet compatibility encompasses both Wi-Fi as well as the LTE other than being able to support 4G.

The internet only mid-range

This does not mean that the Samsung smartphones prices are beyond the reach of the common consumer. The giant has entered the market with it’s J series that are a perfect combination of the hardware power pack of the S 6 series and also has reasonable looks. Samsung has introduced a part of the range only through the internet market to offer it’s latest technology even to the mid-range buyer. The prices of the budget phones are also kept with the commoner on the street.


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